China: A UPS Growth Area or A Future US War Zone?



Granted, this type subject is not a normal issue here but I think as Americans and UPSers we should keep things like this in mind. A recent Dept. of Defense report looks at China from a strategic defense perspective.

For those not fans of the Bush adminstration nor the neo-conservative influence it's also ironic today the American Enterprise Institute is holding a conference discussing this very report and subject. Be interesting to see the comments in the weeks ahead from the neo-con talking heads and policy wonks in light of this report and conference. JMO.


I've always believed China is still an enemy.
One thing I've noticed many talk radio shows, tv news shows, etc have two names for China...The "Chicom" and "China". "Chicom"=Chineese Communists. they are the bad China. "China"=The "good" China.

In my humble opinion China is still someone not to trust. Always promise them something with your fingers crossed.

Also, We get the cheap crap from them. In turn they get to build up their military. It's pretty scary they built a new Submarine and our inteligence agency didn't even know about it.


Realistically China does not need equipment, all they have to do is have 6 divisions surrender, and it`s enemy would have to use so much manpower to guard them there would be no one left to fight them...