Christmas Bonus 0.0


Bad Moon Risen'
The biden economy has definitely taken its toll on the buisinesses i deliver to. That, and possibly theyre mostly Democrat and were prob not pleased with me free breathing in their stores everyday. :censored2: 'em.
Not to many Democrats in the northern half of the state. Lots of KKK chapters though.

This one in Mercer.


To be rather than to seem or "Donnie STFU". You c.
Aren't the "snacks" considered bonuses? Let's see. Typical snack disappointments include :
Pyramid scheme "health" bars.
Ultra miniature bags of cheetos, fritos and other, similar, items that trick or treaters threw back in the foyers.
Cliff bars labeled with flavor, "carpet padding".

That's just trying to be funny. I actually really liked the snacks people set out. I hammer many bags of fritos, cookies, chips and cookies😁. I've also banked 4 full size candy bars.


Part on order, ok to drive
Nothing from the company, some of the feeder drivers gave us dunkin gift cards.. one feeder driver gave us 25 each. Package car drivers shared nothing with the shop once again. So another year of FED repairs and scheduled for service. I kid... that's not the reason the feeder trucks get taken care of better. The real reason is nobody can keep up with how fast a package car fleet breaks and the company wants everything in service all the time so the PCs turn to :censored2:.

With that said when I had a package fleet a driver that tipped asked for a seat or a bulkhead non fed repair I would bump that right to the front of the line.