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  1. Hey everyone, haven't been on the boards for a bit but I was wondering about something that hasn't happened in my career at UPS so far. What happens with the way Christmas falls this year? Christmas eve is on a monday this year. Is it a full working day or a non working day/air only operation (like the day after thanksgiving)? Thanks guys, gonna try to be on here more lately, I'm having withdrawals :wink2:
  2. HazMatMan

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    We will be off on Monday and Tuesday(Christmas day)
    I think Monday may be a lay-off day.(no pay)
    Following Monday(New Years eve day is a paid holiday) and Tuesday(New Years day) obviously a paid holiday.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Christmas Eve is a regular day with the exception being no scheduled pickups are made. Customers have to call to request a pickup. Christmas is obviously a paid holiday as are both New Year's Eve and Day, which makes for a nice four day weekend. There will be delivery of premium products on New Year's Eve on a volunteer basis (the list will be filled from the bottom up if not enough drivers volunteer) at straight time in addition to the 8 hours holiday pay.
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    Christmas is on Thursday next year (Leap Year). Put in for your four day weekend now!
  5. Baba gounj

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    Monday Dec 24 will be a normal workday, but without pickups.
    As for The following week I'm on vacation ( vacation pay plus two holidays, sweet ) and that money earned is applied towards next years vacation amounts.
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    I thought I saw on the UPS calender that Monday the 24th was an off day.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The calendar shows both the 24th and 31st on the same day (24/31). The day off refers to the 31st, which is New Year's Eve.
  8. willing to bet many people call out that mon. :anxious:

    not me, but it'll make my job harder :whiteflag:
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    Westside, how was Monday? I dropped a trailer off Sunday morning at your building, and the dispatcher told me, "Good luck finding somewhere to put it"! She was right, there were trailers everywhere. The shifting guys must have had an awful time finding stuff.

    Happy Peak!
  10. we were HEAVY

    thanks a lot!! :angry: lol
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    We got slammed today too. My stop count was close to peak day last year. Fifty stops more than last Wednesday. The new flavor this year seems to be use more Helpers and cut out Split Routes. The insanity only gets worse.

    Back to thread topic:Monday the 24th is a regular delivery day with no pickups. We are always told to deliver every residential and do not bring any of them back.
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    screw them throw it up on the hill
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    Ever talk to her, Woodsy? She's a beeyotch!
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    Deliver it all!
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    Regarding Dec. 24th when it lands on a Monday, the last time I think this happened was 2001. (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong)

    From what I recall it was a pretty good day. They kept the Max peak routes in that day. We work our helpers and get a code 5. I think I had around 160-170 strictly house-calls (I was doing 290-310 the prior week) and was done around 2 or 3.

    I actually prefer a Tuesday X-mas compared to a Monday. When its on a Monday or Sunday my first 8 years in the league (UPS, lol) I had to work on Saturday, and I absolutely hate working Saturdays. I mean, this used to be our saving grace. Yes our job is demanding at times. We work long hours Mon.-Fri. but it was always great to know we never have to work weekends.

    I guess that changes during peak??? How can UPS do this to us? Apparently we have a schedule to work every Mon-Fri starting at 8:30 am. (this is a schedule that I have actually never seen by the way). Yet come December 22nd I am told I am "scheduled" to work Saturday Dec 23rd. What can you say?? the other 51 weeks they can't pay us OT to drive Saturday airs but we are forced to work to drive sat. airs on Dec. 23rd. Bull in my book
  16. Now I have to figure out who it is. I want to see if I know her but I probably don't I'm never in the building on sundays. :knockedout:
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    You are right my Upstate friend, That is how I looked at the calender.. My building has many shifts, guess the drivers will work Monday without pick-ups. My Sunrise shift will probably work along with the preload, but the twilight and midnight shifts may be a lay off. We will see..
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    Westside - It's so good to see you back!
  19. thanks man, PEAK is kicking my butt (only because I haven't been sleeping well lately).
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    Westside, I was there about 3 hours ago (looked much better than Sunday). You know next time I work nights, I'll come say "Hi"!