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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by moreluck, Jul 12, 2011.

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    Has this guy got any brain cells left ?
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    If he was a republican there might be a thread here for him.
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    This happened across the BIG pond but still funny. Does Pastafarianism come with Marinara sauce?

    At least when they eat their god at the communion meal, it should be good eatin'!
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    Censorship at Military Funerals
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    Project Reason's 2010' Grand Prize video award winner.

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    How can it be that God or Jesus can't be said at military funerals when the Commander in Chump just closed his speech Monday night with God bless you and God bless America.

    It's a funeral with a priest or rev. officiating (usually) and they are certainly going to mention God, Lord or Jesus or something similiar.

    If a funeral attendee sneezes, they are gonna hear God Bless You! Everybody's funeral can be whatever way they want it to be and if you want to say Jesus, 25 times, then just do it.
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    just a small correction needed.
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    Your corrections are not appreciated!

    Well, Mr. Spelling Bee least spell it correctly (BOEHNER) and don't be changing my words inside of MY quotes. Start your own posts with your own ideas and don't smear mine!!
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    Just as Obama gave new meaning to the word Peace, seems the Air Force eg The State is trying to re-define the idea of the "Prince of Peace"!

    Using "The Church" to justify the power of "The State." But then ain't that really always been the case anyway?
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    Isn't TOS the Prince of Peace ??
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    And the "Earl of Not Answering My Questions".
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