CIGNA Sucks, Just Like FedEx

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Jul 13, 2008.

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    CIGNA, the Wal-Mart of insurance carriers, has always been lousy. Lately, however, they have reached a new low by systematically denying almost all claims. If you are willing to put up a fight and have adequate documentation CIGNA will usually fold, but forcing the employee to battle over every claim is BS. I'm guessing that some people just won't fight them and either take a reduced payout or pay the claim out of pocket. This is definitely a new nationwide cost-cutting strategy based on conversations I've had with FedEx employees all over the country. Deny the claim, put the onus on the employee to somehow justify it, and then offer a limited benefit or a referral to some doctor who graduated from the University of Tijuana Medical School.I've never been a big fan of the insurance industry, but CIGNA makes the rest of them look good by comparison.....not exactly a compliment.
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    The only thing that they seem to be "good" at is having some b**** nurse call and harass your wife 3 times a week about a smoking cessation solution. My wife quit 6 months ago and is doing well. This just goes to show how much up to speed they are on things.
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    My wife had surgery, and besides the fact that the entire process
    is ridiculously complicated, why they can't make one bill(we had over 35 bills/invoices)
    cigna managed to "lose" one and wanted us to pay... we didn't and it got
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    These sound like typical CIGNA experiences, and I can't help but think it's a "plan" because it seems to happen to everyone. I've had several friends injured on the job as well and they've all gotten the runaround. Operations are approved then "un-approved", which wreaks havoc with both the worker and his/her family and Workers Comp. One guy had an operation that was approved then later disallowed, forcing him to borrow the money to pay the providers, who were going to sue. He eventually had to sue CIGNA and won. I'm betting that there will eventually be another gigantic class-action suit against both CIGNA and FedEx for colluding to defraud and harass employees, particularly those that have been injured on the job. If I could gather enough responses I would consider contacting a law firm that specializes in class-actions. This whole deal isn't any's by design.