Cintas Doesn't provide proper sized uniforms??

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    Recently I decided to order some new shirt jackets since one of mine is missing a button and another is slightly torn on the sleeve. So I ordered 5 new XXL shirt jackets, since I am 6'5 I can't pull off an XL. I figured that like with shirts I wear when not at work, that the larger it is, typically the longer it is.

    The new shirt jackets I got were shorter than my old ones which are the exact same size, and Cintas does not offer them in any different lengths. A 5'7" driver can't wear the same size shirt and have it look the same. Whenever I bend down to pick stuff up, or reach up to grab something my shirt rides up and all my customers can see my sexy back.

    Thanks UPS/Cintas
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    Some girl in a towel somewhere is thanking Cintas. :winks:
  3. Harry Manback

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    We use Twin Hill at my center and I too am 6'5". The jacket shirts I get are ordered XL Tall. They're a lil longer than the regular ones. I would ask whomever puts your orders in to look and see if they can order Tall shirts.
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    Just work those abs and make the best of a messed up ups situation.
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    Do you have a hairy back? Are you a bear?
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    Lulz, ask your wife.:wink2:
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    order them in XLT OR 2XT T = TALL
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    The uniforms that are now made by Twin Hill are "complete trash"...the buttons fall off, they are not sized right, they add about 5 degrees heat to your body because the material is total cheap crap...and they turn puke green after you wash them.
    I had to go back and did through my old Riverside (made in USA, not China) uniforms to wear and get through the summer..and will wear them until they turn white.
    i would pay for better uniforms because the twin hill ones are trash!
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    Some of us are required to wear Safety Vests. But the vests aren't ordered in TALL sizes, so those of us who need Tall are forced to wear what's available and look rediculous. And then there's the problem with the safety(?) vests snagging on everything we rub past because they're so El Cheepo.
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    The Riverside uniforms, made in Moultrie GA, were far superior to what we have now!