Circus show at fedex ground

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by fabricatedleader, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. fabricatedleader

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    It was a couple of people's last days yesterday as "package handlers". Some of the guys working in the towers (stone age hub) decided to rip open packages with golf balls and sent them bouncing down the belts. (Pretty funny when you are in a trailer and just see golf balls flying down the belts)

    All while Another employee stopped all the belts! I've never seen a manager scream so, loud "what the :censored2: is going on!"

    Does anyone else have any funny, crazy stories in regards to working at Fedex? If so share.
  2. CJinx

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    It happens every Spring; parcels of golf balls break open during the sort and we end up finding them in all manner of places. It doesn't help that these boxes are packed to the gills with golf balls and only utilize a single strip of paper tape to keep it closed. Needless to say we send a *lot* of golf balls to overgoods.
  3. fabricatedleader

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    haha I can see that...

    'they" did this intentionally it was last day for most of us, so it was like a ":censored2: it" kinda day/evening.
  4. TheJackal

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    We would load our trucks in the morning. About 12:00, we would get a broadcast, something like 'Has anyone seen (name), last seen wearing a FedEx uniform, driving truck XXXXXX?' Turns out the driver would park by the subway, throw the keys on the roof and leave his/her ID on the front seat.

    Happened every couple of months.