Class Action Lawsuit Against Teamsters....



I believe it would be in the best interest of the Teamsters Union to allow the membership to vote on UPS's best proposals prior to July 31, 2002. "Why?", you may ask. Although the union was given a strike authorization by an undertermined amount of UPS Teamsters who were able to show up at Union Halls across America with only a few days notice; it does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the majority of the UPS Teamsters. Was the meeting called with sufficient notice? Did the membership know the proposals of the contract? These are questions that would be asked in a class action lawsuit against the Teamsters should a select few decide to start such an action.

I for one want to be able to vote on the company's proposals prior to July 31, 2002. If not......well I may just feel that I was not properly represented by my union. Others may feel the same way.

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I agree with InsideUPS we need the chance to vote,because we are the ones that have to live with the contract


Thanks for the link. Over the last several months I've seen the topic of de-certification come up more and more among co-workers at UPS. I also think emotions are extremely mixed on this issue even with the frustration many of us have with the IBT. Under the NLRA unions can organize site by site whereas under RLA unions must organize an entire company all at once. I'm not sure but de-certification under the NLRA is also probably allowed for site by site petition. The larger UPS facilities will be a hard sell but smaller sites may be a very different story especially when you consider the window for petition is on us right now and could close at any time. IMO, if a small or several small UPS centers withdrew from the union this would allow the company to show where they are willing to go with this and you can bet all eyes across the country would be on these sites. "If" UPS proves to be trustworthy and fair, you might see a much larger escalation of de-cert. petitions once we arrive at that 3 year window. Also the 3 year window rule explains why unions like 3 year contracts. This gives them a better chance to put down discontent with the promise of a good contract. If the members wait to see if the union comes through then it is too late with the window having closed. (If IBT comes through with a good contract the union discontent around UPS will go down drastically and you can bet UPS knows this and so does the union)
I hate to say it but a small center with a very tight driver group is probably going to be the one who has to take the first step and believe me, it will take strong willpower to step out into that unknown but those folks in time may prove to be real heros or big goats. It will be up to UPS at that point as to how history will view these brave pioneers. Either way, I'd have great respect for them.