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    We came in this morning to find all business had been pulled off our cars and thrown into an empty trailer to be sheeted as closed holiday. When we told our mgm't team that most of them, including all the doctors and dentists were open we were told that since they were closed on New Years they must be closed today.
    Since when does providing service mean telling our customers when they are open for deliveries and when they aren't? On a side note, they were able to cut 5 routes out since all those packages didn't need to be serviced, can't wait to see what tomorrow looks like with 2 days of business on all the cars.
  2. don't forget the later preload start time for the next day....least thats how it is here. Guaranteed to be a disaster..I can't wait :whiteflag:
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    same here, so much for customer service.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Our center team asked us last week to provide them with a list of closings for today. I have today off so I will be curious to see what I will have on the car tomorrow but they are usually really good about following the closing lists that we give them.
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    All I had off my trucks were Schools and Post Offices.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The driver who covered my run today called me for directions and I asked him if mgt had followed my closing list and he said yes so tomorrow should be no big deal, just 2 days of pkgs for our local state university.
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    on the preload supe side of this i have a question about PAS... if the pkg is scanned and the PAS label says closed. then why do we rescan the pkgs with GSS as closed? with our "technology" why cant we link the 2 systems together so that when a pkge is in the PAS system as closed it also show up in the GSS system as colsed???? maybe this is a TSG question.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    This works only if the dispatch sup puts the stop into PAS as a known closure the day before the holiday. I think what happened in the above posts was the center team waited until this morning, researched which stops were closed New Years Eve, ran the pkgs through PAS and then had the loaders pull or not load those stops so that they could be scanned CLO HOL. Our center manager told us that the center looks better if the pkgs of KNOWN closures are kept in the bldg as opposed to being scanned on the road. However, as stated above, many of these businesses were either open or could be indirected so that we wouldn't have 2 days worth of businesses tomorrow. If only they would listen to us...
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    What i dont get is "Sheet every package everday" but today being a holiday we were instructed not to sheet closed stops with 10 or more pkgs.Why ?
    If its on the truck im scanning it .Im sorry if i ruin a report but protecting myself is more important.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    As I stated above, my center manager says it makes the center look better if the pkgs are scanned in the bldg but, having said that, if it is on the car, scan it.
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    Running a daytime TDP Feeder run last week I use a DIAD and I also got a message for closed business for today MLK day. Generally, most centers will pull off schools, banks, city, state and federal businesses along with your list of closed business as well. For those with added closed holiday business pkgs we are usally ask not to sheet but to leave on car and scan with a preload scanner when returned to bldg. This probably doesn't apply to all centers as you know things are run differently nationwide.
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    I agree protect your self, the minute you dont scan something to make the reports look better, something will screw up and they will put the blame on you, I say this only because I have seen it done too many times before in my center.
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    If you think something a supe tells you isn't right, ask him to tell you that in front of a union rep or some other reliable witness. Otherwise, when you are up in arbitration or in danger of being suspended or fired-they will lie through their teeth. I had to go to arbitration for some bad checks once and I asked my on car if they were ok. He said,"yeah, they look alright." At arbitration he lied that he never said that. Luckily, the arbitrator saw how nervous he was and he also said some other things that were discredited and I won the judgement. When ever there is any question, get a witness or have the supe initial any paperwork. Cover your butt and you'll have less headaches later.
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    I maybe a supe but I also know most of my employees are good hard working people, I only have one with a bad attitude, and I am working hard of changing the attitude rather than just trying to get rid of this person. While I expect the job to be done I also try to help them make decisions that are going to cover them and their job. I don't always agree with my boss on how to handle them, if I did everyone of my people would be disgruntled. My boss has told me a few times that every time I walk up the belt I need to be correcting my people. What about a pat on the back, or those two words good job? I know tomorrow is going to be bad for drivers and preloaders, all I can say is good luck to all.
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    Management is probably concerned that you will sheet business stops as closed holiday between 1200 and 1300. On a non-holiday sheeting business stops between 1200 and 1300 will result in the package showing as missed. In my center, management still doesen't know if sheeting a package as "closed holiday" between 1200 and 1300 on a holiday will result in the package showing as missed?:laughing:.

    This has been debated in my center since MLK day "06 from what I can remember:sick:.

    The question is asked every holiday here and every time we are told to wait unil after 1300 to sheet these packages as CLOH 1.

    You would think the management team would do their homework.:whiteflag:
    We are expected to do ours as my center manager fears us failing the ketter audit like the plague!

    I'm expected to know the five seeing habits, 10-point commentary, 6 rules of backing, and 8 keys to lifting and lowering. These are important things to master because if I screw up on one of them I could cause an accident or injure myself (or worse, someone else).

    What I find amusing is our supervisor will expect us to know this stuff as part of our JOB even though there is nothing in the contrtact stating we MUST know this stuff.

    I'm all for it. It makes us better drivers and protects ME from accidents and injuries! Why would I not want to learn this?

    I just want a straight anwser from my center team in reagards to CLO H. Isn't it THEIR JOB to know these things?? Its very simple Can we sheet a package as closed holiday day between 1200 and 1300 or not?. Thanks in advance!

    Its not rocket science for heavens sake! LOL LOL
  16. brownmonster

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    2 stops closed today. Schools open. MLK holiday not much in these parts. We got message sent to us to sheet as CLO H and not betwen 12 and 1
  17. scratch

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    Hey browniehound, I'm glad you brought up CLO H. We have always been told to use that on a holiday like today. The package doesn't show up on reports as a Sendagain. We have also been told to never sheet a commercial stop as closed during the 12-1300 Lunch Hour, because it is technically a Missed Stop then. But with GPS, are we now sheeting up closed stops from a different location and can this possibly be considered falsifying records?
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    They didn't pull anything off our trucks, we had the schools and post offices, they didn't cut any routes either.
  19. pkg-king

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    We were told we could sheet CLO H between 12 and 1.
  20. Cementups

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    I've been telling them for 2 years to stop pulling off my schools on holidays since I can deliver them but they will not fix it. Now everyday after a holidayI have to deliver 2x as much stuff at those stops.