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    I have been a pre-loader for five years and this is my first post. I would like help from my fellow Upsers about an issue that occurred this morning during my shift. Recently my center has received warnings from the district Loss Prevention about the volume of Code 35 damages we have and how it is the pre-loads fault. The building management has told us to take hold of this issue and reduce the amount of damages. As a loader at the far end of the load line, I have yet to see any improvements. On a daily basis, I see so many damages and packages that should be re-packed being placed on the load line ready to to load. We are told everyday by management that such packages should be examined and re packed before being placed on the load line.

    Today I received a package that needed to be loaded on one of my cars that looked horrible. It was a small 4 lbs box in which a whole corner was smashed in and all the sides were like an "accordion". The package needed to be re packed in a new box before it ever should of been on the load line. I pulled the package aside and later brought it up to the repack station to be repacked. Thirty minutes later, the box comes back to me in the same shape, only this time it had one piece of tape on it. I brought it to my part-time supervisor's attention, and he brought it back to the re pack station to get it repacked. While doing so, the part-time sup brought the damaged box to full time managements attention, telling them this package should not even be on the load line in this shape. Full time management's response was that the package looked fine the way it was and that I needed to just load the package. After being told how important customer service is in our line work is, this is the last thing I would expect to hear management tell me to do regarding damages. I went ahead and loaded the package in my car, but not before taking pictures of it and doing my best to make the unsalvageable box look better. The contents was fine, but the box was in bad shape. If I was delivering this box to the customer, I would be embarrassed, and if I were the customer, I would be furious about the poor customer service.

    I believe that the issue of management telling me to load a damaged/re pack worthy package the way it is, is poor customer service. The district loss prevention and management need to be aware of this poor customer service. What is the best course of action? I expect to receive backlash from my management for reporting this to loss prevention, yet I believe its an issue that needs to be fixed. I just want to make the best decision possible. Please help!!!
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    I admire your devotion to customer service. You should continue to make every effort not to load visible damages. If you do happen to load a damage the driver will take care of it either by retaping it or by bringing it back to the center.
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    This happens at my building quite often I will toss a box off that is smashed only to have it put back on the belt 10 min later. If it comes back I set it off again. With all the talks we get about damages you would think this would stop, but all they really care about is getting the preload down in 3 1/2 hrs. I refuse to load damages just like I refused to sign the damage prevention sheet they handed out. I do my part to reduce damages if they would do theirs I would sign it.
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    Never open packages that are damaged, put it in a tote and leave it aside.

    Never load a damaged package. Refuse to load it, that is working unsafely as the open package could possibly open up and injure someone else, ie the driver.

    To me, nothing is more irritating, painful and dangerous than a 40-50 pound heavy metal object in a stretchy box that opens and falls on the shin.

    Refuse to load the package, get a steward if you need to. Stand up for what is right!
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    Reduce customer churn - recoup packages.

    If anyone asks, just say, "I am reducing churn."

    That shipment represents a customer. You can hold a customer in your hands, you can use a hand to surface method or you can just toss the customer away.
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    As a driver if the pkg was indeed in poor shape I don't have any problem sheeting as missed putting in remarks "damaged' and place in damaged area I wouldn't except a pkg like that nor would I deliver one.
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    Your center doesn't want to pay for the damage. If it is caught before its scanned, it is charged to the hub it came from. Shell game.
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    Seriously? What about our center telling us never to record a pkg as "damaged". They instruct us to record it as "refused" and then give it to the clerk at night. I've received a few concerns from customers who were tracking their packages and called in mad as hell because they hadn't actually refused the deliveries. What's up with that?
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    Here they are sheeted as "missed". I believe we will continue to see an increase in damages as production continues to sit in the drivers seat. Production just doesn't care about things that slow it down. Undamaged packages and safety are sllooowww....
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    Them: They feel the need to cheat and fudge numbers to keep their jobs.
    Union: We do not need to cheat and fudge numbers to keep our jobs.
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    Here we are told to sheet damages as "Future" which gives the PM clerk a chance to rewrap the pkg.
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    Again, cheating the system. If a package is damaged, it is damaged. Does the customer care is it happened in Kansas, Pennsylvania, or Texas? No. Was the package missed? Did the customer ask for it to be futured? It is all ways of cheating the customer. I can't believe Upstate sheets a packaged as a future, if damaged, yet, uses his phone for the customers benefit. How does the customer benefit from a future date? Let them decide if its damaged.
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    Not my call---this is what we were told to do by Mr. Salantino. I only do this for obviously damaged packages--I will bring questionable packages to the consignee and let him/her decide. I am not going to show any customer a crushed package.
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    That is the ** that fired me. ***

    Sorry, had to get that off my chest. I get it. I was making a point, though. That is why we use to have a damage clerk. Me. If it was crushed, we would re-wrap it before you would even see it. Numbers don't allow that, anymore.
    Sorry to call you out.

    It is still a shell game.

    *** *** *** ***

    *This post is my personal opinion, only. Nothing in here is directed at anyone other than ****.
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    He has been retired for a few years now and has probably forgotten about you.
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    Sorry, Hoax.
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    I am sure he has. Along with all the other people who's lives he tried to ruin.
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    His son is also with the company--any idea where he is working?
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    Oh my God. there is two of them? No. I Don't know where he is. Probably Northern Boulevard. I'm just guessing, though.
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    What's missing from this equation is the culpability of shipper who does not properly pack the box.More often than not this the root cause for these "accordian boxes".That being said we still need to make the necessary repairs, but at the customers expense if it's deemed to be from inadequate packaging.Sheeting them as missed in these instances is the right thing to do.