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    Hello I have a slight issue due to the fact that my seniority was sort of taken away. I am a combo worker 22.3, working 5 hours in the warehouse and 3 hours delivering air. Usually in my area of the warehouse we are sometimes overstaffed and they ask workers if they would like to go home starting from highest seniority to lowest. I have been in the same area of the warehouse for 17years even after I got the combo job 5 years into UPS. Well since I am third in seniority they ask me if I want to go home usually I say no but sometimes I am beat and decide to leave and get a couple of hours shut eye before heading to my second shift. Well it seems a part time worker who is also a union representative had an issue with that. She decided to go to the union and she established that they are not suppose to ask me if I can go home but rather ask all the part timers first and if they don't want to go home then they can ask me. Her reason was that since I am full time, my hours are guaranteed and should not be allowed to leave until the part timers leave first. This seemed kind of strange to me because they would ask me by my seniority for about 12 years and all of a sudden she takes that away from me. I am not looking to go home everyday but I do want to be asked if I would like to go home just as an option, can anyone tell me if she has a case to get away with this.
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    No. Seniority rules. If you agree to go home, you are foregoing your 8 hour guarantee.
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    Highest to lowest is right. She's off her rocker
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    FT Seniority prevails over PT seniority.

    That reasoning is a little weird - all bargaining unit employees (with very few exceptions that I don't think apply here) have "guaranteed hours" - 3.5/day for PT'ers, 8/day for FT combos/drivers.
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    The union should be able to put this thread to bed!
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    You and her should both work you guarantee and not go home early .
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    Wasn't there a thread here recently that concluded you have the right to work, not the right not to work? The Atlantic supplement (?) being the only one with language covering the VLO?
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    I still can't get over the fact that people want to use seniority to DECREASE their earning potential. It is the antithesis of why seniority was created in the first place. Why are you working half shifts?
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    There are times Labor gets their panties in a knot and don't let anyone on preload use a dead day. Meanwhile, the on-car is on the phone begging drivers to.
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    In our building its more by job class first, then by seniority, depending on staffing for each "job". Full time combos rarely get asked to leave early.
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    Here it is those who grieve soups working offered a VLO first, then the "big money makers" (FT), followed by the low productivity workers. Usually they can get their quota of send-homes with people who happen to fit in all three of those categories individually.
  12. PiedmontSteward

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    From a business perspective, it makes the most sense to offer layoff days first to FT combos and then in seniority order to PT'ers because those are the folks with the highest hourly rate. But they always try and slip their favorites/least-favorites out ahead of seniority.

    I tend to only go home if I'm sick enough to leave but not sick enough to call out. I started 401K contributions and auto-savings account deductions to make going home hurt my "fun money fund" a lot more as an incentive to stay - it definitely helps. Going home one day during the week and then not having a six pack of craft beer in the budget for the weekend keeps my ass at work.

    On the flip side, I have people in my hub that - no exaggeration here - go home 3 or 4 days a week. One person told me the other day that they had literally not worked a single day from mid-September through January. Granted, these are folks with other jobs during the day but I hope they understand the importance of getting their 750 hours/year for their PT pension credit.
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    I have one P/T co-worker who comes in early from his other job , eats his lunch ( usually take out ) , naps and hangs out until finding out if he is needed for his shift.
    Many days he does not work, but the catch is that he has in the past not qualified enough hours to cover his health insurance .
  14. PT Stewie

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    I have stood at the gate and asked why are you going home did you get your guarantee ? Only do be answered "I got my benefits" .Well after the company's initial offer the rent is coming due. As a steward I make sure I at least get my 3 and 1/2 i.e. practice what I preach. The 750 is the highlight of my year with 15 in the book. I go to work at 7 in the morning (full time job) and pull up in the drive way @ 930 PM.
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    As if you know what's best for everyone? No thanks.
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    That's none of anyone's business, nor is it your business what anyone else does.
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    I do not know what is best for everyone,but I do know if you are not going to do the time maybe you should quit and let someone who needs the job have it. How does leaving early and letting the sups finish the work help anybody.
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    Southern Region Supplemental Agreement : Article 64 When time off is available it shall be offered in seniority order by classification as long as it does not result in economic cost to the Employer. In my classification we have 7 people for our sort , but daily staffing is usually only 4. We have two 22.3 and the rest are part time, days off are offered by company time ,not full time or part time first.
  19. menotyou

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    Who the heck allowed that clause in???????
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    Great "win"?