Coming in to drive while on vacation?

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  1. Tim.

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    This week, we had a fellow cover driver (with more seniority than myself) not work preload and then come in to drive while he was on a scheduled vacation week. We both usually work preload and drive after. I didnt drive Wed-Fri, but he did, nor was I asked if could drive. I was told by a fellow cover driver that I should file, that mgmt shouldve asked all available cover drivers first, then ask someone who was on vacation. I was unable to ask my steward on friday. Ive looked at the contract for this rule. Any help or advice? Thx
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    File. Calling in a driver off vacation is a last ditch effort to keep supervisors off the street. In my center, they don't even do that- the center manager said that when he goes on vac, he wants to forget about the place, so he does the same for the drivers.
    Feeders is a little different, but not much. I have only seen a driver called in to cover like a sunday night run, when you have to have the keys to the building to start work.
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    You should definitely file for the hours worked by the driver who came in on his vacation Wed-Fri. Drivers should only be called in while on vacation after all available resources have been exhausted----you were an available resource that was not used hence the suggestion to file.

    I am off this week but told my PDS that I am available Monday and Tuesday if need be. The only way that he would call me is if every single available driver was on road, the on-car was on road and he was still short-staffed.
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    Maybe he just needed extra money and wanted to work, should you file sure if you feel like you were hurt financially.
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    I never understand why anyone would work when they are on vacation. Craziness.
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    If a driver chooses to come in, they are the lowest senority driver in thier classification for that week. It's a senority grievance.
  7. bumped

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    I have never seen a driver on vacation work except for the day after Thanksgiving and NYE.

    As last reseorts we will have air drivers do routes at ground pay. Some are with a sup and some without based on area knowledge.
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    It's different in all of the supplements but in the Southern we are technically not allowed to just come in while on vacation. The only option is for us to sell vacations but that has to be done in September. We are supposed to elect how many weeks to be sold and it's subtracted from the amount of weeks we can choose when it's time to choose in October. It's set up that way so that people can't select a vacation week that others might want and then come in and work. If everyone would follow the rules then the language works out just fine but there are always "special" drivers that seem to be above and beyond the contract. I do wish that there was language in the Southern Supplement that states that people could be called in only if all other available people have been utilized but only on a voluntarily basis and they would work from the bottom of the seniority list.
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  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Did you read his post? He is a PT cover driver who was not asked to drive for 3 days while another PT cover driver with more seniority who was on a scheduled vacation was allowed to come in and work those same 3 days. How is that even close to being fair? He should definitely file, not just for the money, but for the principle.
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    Do sups actually have a system of documentation that says they asked x amount of drivers, before calling the one on vacation? Or is it just "word of mouth". Meaning, if you filed, couldn't sup just "say" that he asked you, or say he thought he asked all other available drivers, (even if he actually didn't)
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The OP worked the preload all week. If they knew that they needed him to drive they would have told him in person.
  13. Buck Fifty

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    If they don't, they should. Or it will ultimately cost them much grievance monies.
  14. uber

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    I did this as a PT'er a couple times. I would never do it as a FT'er.
  15. This is a open a shut case. File and get your money man!