Never Paid for Vacation


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Thanks for your input! I can understand all of that. And I know it may seem I’m meddling but ain’t no way I’d call that center trying to get answers lol. I’m extra but not like that. I truly was in the dark with how brown cafe worked. I just wanted to see what’s up and yes, to be helpful. He’s solid and does a great job. And as I said in replies above, he did get his shop steward on it and it’s being worked out. I jumped the gun posting on BC to get some clarity for myself and learned even more than what I was going for 🤣 that’s okay though! 🙏🏼
This is a pretty good site but posts can be derailed very fast with other crap unrelated to the original topic. You wouldn’t be the first spouse here and won’t be the last. The job can be stressful and full of bs for couples but it pays the bills and a little more. Also gotta understand that we’re a bunch of truck drivers and inside workers so some are a little more rough around the edges than others. Think most on here are decent although since our contract is about up it has brought many crazies out of the!!


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My husband is in the Union at UPS and has been working as a full time package driver for over a year and was granted his first full paid vacation for 1 week. We never got paid the vacation days the 2 weeks prior (like I keep seeing is suppose to happen). He called his Union guy and he told him to file a grievance. He did this with his manager immediately. My husband asked about the penalty pay for every day late and of course his manager said “it’s pretty hard to get penalty pay”.. I said I’m sure he did. But is this accurate? Anything else for us to do? How long could it take for him to get paid? If he doesn’t get paid soon do we file another grievance? How do we demand penalty pay for every day late?
His other girlfriend probably got the money. The one that doesn't bitch all of the time. No worries.