Companies mentioned by Obama are big D.C. spenders

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    Companies mentioned by Obama are big D.C. spenders - Politico

    As far as free PR goes, it doesn’t get much better: Six companies got a shout-out from President Barack Obama during his State of the Union address Tuesday night. And, as it happens, all but one is a big spender in the Washington influence game.

    United Parcel Service
    : The shipping company was the only one mentioned by Obama that has overwhelmingly supported Republicans over the years through its political action committees and employee donations. It gave more than $3 million — only one-third of which went to Democrats — in the 2014 election cycle. It also spent $7.6 million on lobbying the federal government in 2014.
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    And all this time I've been under the impression our leaders tend to be dumb $&@ liberals!