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  1. Any stewards on the call? I am willing to bet money mine was not. Is any steward willing to share what was discussed?
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    I know someone that was on but I'm at a wedding so can't call him right now.

    From what I got in texts it's not quite as bad as it was sounding.
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    Just talked to one of our stewards who was on the conference call today. thumbnail he gave me was their was mostly agreement on surepost but no response from the company on Teamster proposals about harrasment. The company and union are light years apart on wages. As far as health care goes he told me the creative solution hall had talked about is the Union taking over the health care plan. No info on what that might cost or the quality of coverage. He told me hall said the union gave the company three options on health care. First, take the current proposal off the table (I suppose that means maintain status quo) second, allow the union to take over health care and third the union walk away from the table. the negotiations are supposed to be wrapped up by the 31st. He also said hall was doubtful that could be accomplished and at that time the union would walk away from the table if the company did not accept union proposals.

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    Why would the union want to take over the health care?
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    $$$ -> interest income, investment opportunity ... would likely mean many PTers could wind up in an HMO, though....
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    Most people I know that are union have their healthcare thru the union.
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    I was and yes I'm a steward, but I won't share on a public forum. As a seasoned UPSer, all I will say is we are exactly where I expect us to be. I have full faith in our negotiating committee especially in hall. Now go and enjoy your weekend:-)
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    really!!!"Not going to share in public"why bother to post then, respect that your a steward.
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    Here we go folks. I was on the call.

    1) The language about harassment and 9.5 is the top priority for this contract. Apparently the language is already finished or very close to it and hall believes it is great language in our favor. It will be much easier to cash in on triple time for 9.5 violations. No real heavy duty specifics.

    2) Healthcare is a stalemate. The union still maintains that we aren't paying for healthcare. hall gave them the option of allowing the Teamsters to take over our healthcare if they are unwilling to come to the table with status quo offer. He was very clear that we are WORLDS apart from the company on this issue but we aren't backing down.

    3) The union is proposing a PT starting wage increase to $15 per hour and $1/yr raise thereafter. The company wants the wages to remain the same and is instead offering $1,000 bonus (per year?) to FT and $500 to PT. hall was audibly disgusted with the companies offer on economics. The call was cutting in and out on my cellphone during this time so I didn't hear about F/T wages.

    Basically the ball is in UPS's court and all they are doing is lowballing. If they want to risk their customers fleeing, so be it. It is UPS's fault for not coming to the table with reasonable offers considering the financial state of the company. hall made it pretty clear that we all need to draw a line in the sand, stand your ground. He said something to the effect if the strike card has to be played, we will play it when the time comes but now is not the time.

    P.S. -- I'm a steward and there is no point withholding this information as it will be spread across the web a few hours from now. Same exact stuff i'll be telling people on Monday. TDU/Management was on the call as well, thanks to TDU leaking the phone # and pin # on their website for anyone who wanted to just call in randomly and listen.
  11. I guess, I could have said pm would be fine.
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    60% of UPS teamsters are in union run plans. Mine is. I have the best health care in RI. Also, hall blasted TDU for putting our members livelihood in jeopardy. They posted inaccurate proposal information that the company apparently used to their advantage in future negotiations. Assumptions posted by TDU became the companies negotiating tactics. Also, by posting the stewards call in number on the TDU website there were UPS management personnel on past calls looking for information to use against employees. So thanks again to the Termites Destroying Unions. Your doing a great job at it.
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    griff thx for the intel.
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    I participated in this conference call and I am updated weekly. The explanation about surepost (IMO) was WEAK at best, the Teamsters will continue to allow UPS to use Surepost. The diversion of ground pkgs to Surepost will increase over the term of this next contract. hall explained how surepost was vital to the business, and he stated he wanted some limitations, but the company was fighting the technology that had to be implemented to watchdog surepost. This has to do with "weights".

    Second, the company presented its economic proposals on monday. They were a complete joke. The company is asking for a 7 year deal.

    For full timers, the company will pay each FT 1000 a year for the first 4 years of the contract, and that 1000 to go towards health and welfare benefits.( no cash in your pockets) For the last 3 years of the contract, UPS has GRACIOUSLY offered FTers .50 cents an hour over three years.

    For part timers, divide that in half. 500 bonus towards health and welfare, and .25 cents an hour over 3 years.

    Remember this. This "BONUS" that UPS is suggesting is "taxable" and you would recieve a 1099 for this money/benefit.


    The Teamsters have offered an offer of a little over 1.00 an hour for fulltimers over 5 years. Again, another joke, but not as bad as the company offer.

    The company insists on taking away the "skilled" 1.00 away from part timers and NO increase in starting pay for part timers.

    AS for insurance. The company is still holding firm on forcing us to pay for our healthcare. The alternatives are NO BETTER either.

    The Teamsters have "suggested" that UPS consider the Teamsters taking over the health care plans and if you know anything about the Teamster plans, you would know that they are INFERIOR to the current health care plans offered to us by UPS.

    The real important aspect of this update is that there is NO significant progress being made by either side. March 31st has been set as a deadline by the Teamsters for the company to "withdraw" its current proposals and re propose a valid offer.

    On the 31st, the TEAMSTERS are walking away from negotiations and will not contact the company for further contact. hall clearly states that the COMPANY will have contact the TEAMSTERS after that date if they want to negotiate in good faith. IF NOT, the TEAMSTERS will begin to notify its members of the impasse and once again, we may be on strike come August 1 2013.



    If you have your dreams set on an agreement beforehand, then you need to re-evalulate that thought process and begin the process of protecting yourself and your families financial security.

    This call was NOT uplifting at all. The information was ALL BAD.

    Where I draw Ire from, was from both TDU and hall.

    First, TDU, for POSTING THE PHONE NUMBERS FOR THESE CONFERENCE CALLS. Do you people realize UPS MANAGEMENT gets this information and calls in and listens to the calls? You are NOT HELPING the membership by continuing this practice.

    Second, for hall to turn this call into a TDU bashing was ridiculous as well. Of the 4 calls taken on the call, 3 were TDU bashers.

    NOT one call about anything on the contract.

    Shame on both sides.

    There was NOTHING positive about this call.

    The 9.5 language hall spoke of, already EXISTS and that was nothing new, even though he made it sound like it was. In fact, it was LESS than we agreed to in 2008. In 2008, if you wanted to be on the 9.5 list, all you had to do was notify your center manager and you were on the list. TODAY, hall states that his "new" 9.5 language says that if you want to be on the 9.5 list, you FIRST have to be violated 3 days in one week, THEN you can get on the list starting the next week.

    The rest of the language is the same.

    As for harrassment, again, weak language that will lead drivers to an almost year long battle going from deadlock committee to deadlock committee until the possibility of national arbitration. WHAT A JOKE.

    None the less, despite this rather gloomy call, MARCH 31st should strike you all. If the TEAMSTERS walk away on that date, then we in for a BIG FIGHT come August 1st 2013.


    Peace Brothers and Sisters.

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    GRIFF, the issue about harrassment and 9.5 is a DISTRACTION, and not a priority.

    The 9.5 language that hall stated already exists, just not in print. The 9.5 committee already implemented this language after the last contract was ratified. This is NOTHING new as I stated already.

    Harrassment is another distraction. hall did not say they agreed to a plan to "End" harrassment, just that they "agreed" to a process that would end up taking MONTHS to adjudicate. Deadlock committee and deadlock committee and then possibly, a national arbitration that could take a year to schedule. How does that "end" harrassment?

    These are the things they want you to focus on, instead of the real issues of healthcare and pay.

    Ya got to listen closely my brother.


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    LOL. Yes, I agree that TDU shouldn't have posted information regarding the schedule of the conference call as it hindered the abilities of the target audiences being able to listen in. But please provide any specific information that TDU provided that the "company apparently used to its advantage." hall hasn't shared any stealth, proprietary information with his bargaining unit (it'd be too risky) nor has TDU relayed any such information. Yes, it's possible that some of the information TDU has shared may be inaccurate ... but I fail to see how UPS could "use [it] to its advantage." And as far as management listening in on conference calls to harass employees... really? You really believe that anything hall shared could be used to harass members? You really believe low- and mid-level managers have nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon? You really believe that low- and mid-level managers in charge of PT employees want to see them take concessions ... 'hey, I'm aware you'll be lucky to take home $30 this week, but I need you to step up the intensity.'

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    I have absolutley ZERO INTEREST in the Union taking over my health care plan. They will completely destroy it. They are good at alot of things, but managing money properly has never been one of them. They should do what we pay them to do. Negotiate a good healthcare plan with the company for us.

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    My brother is a full-time diesel mechanic with a Teamster Health Care Plan with another company and let me tell you his plan is pure garbage compared to my Part-time UPS Healthcare Plan.
    Secondly, we pay the F__king Dues. We have the right to every bit of information the union has within hours of them getting it. We pay their salaries, and every penny of the unions existance. WE are the Union. This is 2013. Posts should be made twice a day on the website about where we are in negotiations. Instead, we are left to wait for leaks and talk amoungst ourselves with rumors.
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    hall said specifically about the dollar reduction to part timers that TDU posted was never a company proposal until after it was on the TDU website. Maybe TDU is closer to management than they appear.
  20. There is a steward in my hub who said " 90 bucks a week is fair" to his sup. I have a feeling he would leak info to management also.