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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Misthios, May 3, 2019.

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    those are good reasons
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    Haha Jesus you people crack me up. It's about the switch back and forth back and forth back and forth. It's not about that guy holding on past 35-40 years. That is the question. Not which tampon you need to get through your monthly flow. It doesn't not come from a place of entitlement. It comes from a simple question of right and wrong and if it's allowed. There is a difference between being a company guy and getting openly :censored2:ed. Now in your long and strenuous 35 years did you experience anything related to this? If you did more power to you. You obviously put up with it and kept on trucking. Good for you. I ask a question on here to find an answer. That's kind of the whole point of this website. If you don't like my "entitled" attitude (which is different from your own and that's fine) then move along pal. I simply like to get kissed before I get :censored2:ed. You obviously enjoy it the other way around.
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    Misthios I love my job. Don't you?

    Also it has nothing to do with entitlement. I don't feel entitled to anything. I've worked for everything I have. Worked my fingers to the Bone the old fashioned way to get where I am in life. First person in my family to make it out of the hood and into the suburbs. First person to not rely on government assistance. So it's got nothing to do with an entitled attitude. It has to do with the bull:censored2: side of it. Imagine for yourself or anyone that reads this. You're told ok hey we need you a few Saturdays since we fired this idiot. He should have his job back in a couple weeks so no big deal. He gets his job back as stated. Now you're 7 Saturdays in and they have yet to actually need you. Every Saturday you're given the option to go home. So now I'm left with a choice do I take a 4 day paid week or do I work that fifth day because I'm the only one working in my house. So now 8 Saturdays and still they have not needed you one time and 6 of those Saturdays they have sent multiple people home. Is it entitled for me to raise my hand say hey boss that math don't make sense. Somehow not walking the company line of yes sir I'll do whatever you ask has turned into entitlement? All of you are reaching something fierce.
  4. And the entitlement in your attitude shines through when you have no respect for others who have put their time in. You're calling 35 and 40 year men dinosaurs who need to give it up because they're standing in the way of what you think you're entitled to. If you're the only one working in your house you work whatever time you can, whether it's Saturday or not.
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    Life, sometimes comes at you hard,People do what they have to do.Retiree Healthcare is a big reason many stay longer than they want. Like me...
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    Misthios I love my job. Don't you?

    Still missing the entire point of the question. You're either daft or stupid at this point. Sounds like you're a yes man who feels you owe the company everything. Sad way to live man.
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    Managers will bully certain people especially the people that let them for as long as they can.

    You are either m-f or t-s pick one. This back and forth :censored2: is nonsense. You're 3 years driving obviously not the lowest seniority guy. Ask for a building seniority list. If your steward is a :censored2: then tell them to pick one so you can schedule accordingly, you also have real life outside of work. They can deal with it. Trust me. Only a fool would get tossed around like that. Push back.
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    Yes they can keep switching you from M-F and T-S each week as long as they are following the language in your region/rider.

    Central language
    Screenshot_20190507-113732_Adobe Acrobat.jpg
    Local 135 language
    Screenshot_20190507-114133_Adobe Acrobat.jpg
    If no one below you is working M-F there is nothing you can do. Yes I understand they have drivers at home with their "dick in their hand" but that's the companies decision and nothing you can do.

    They don't have to "pick one" when it comes to M-F or T-S. You are scheduled each week in his area and as long as they are posting it before the last day of his work week he can't do anything about it.

    Also a building seniority list won't do him any good. Unless I'm mistaken he has seniority only over people in his center.
    Screenshot_20190507-114202_Adobe Acrobat.jpg
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    nobody cares about your question after these comments ya d-bag

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    Does that 18 months start last August or this month since when it all finally passed?
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    It would revert to august 1st 2018 as the effective date of the contract.
  12. I don't believe that's correct. They stressed that economic adjustments were retroactive to August first, but I don't think anything else is.
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    They dont have to pick one but they will anyways. You cant tell someone who is m-f or t-s to switch it up whenever they please especially when said person has to change daycare, business appointments etc they have on their scheduled days off.

    They technically can do it by the letter of the law like you said. But I've never seen anyone disciplined for it.
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    It starts when the contract was ratified. And if you were hired t-s they have an additional 6 months on top of the already 18.