Contract talks !!!!!! STRIKE !!!!!!

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    Word going around my Hub Is were going on strike !!!!!!! UPS offers $90 a week for healthcare coverage And it goes up 10% a year Plus reduced by 40% your vision and your dental for everybody part-time full-time retirees !!! Meetings come to a screeching halt Ken walks out of meetings !!!!!!
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    The word in Atlanta is we have them scared.
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    *yawn*. And so it begins. I have to say, I find some of you so ridiculous.
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    It's True !!! I find you ridiculous Uneducated maybe you should ask around and find out the facts !!!
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    In actually, everyone should prepare to go on strike. This is the safest protection in this years negotiations. Indeed, the company is playing hardball with issues, but moreover, the Teamsters are on the record stating to the company that they WILL NOT BUDGE on issues relating to healthcare, pensions and workpay.

    USPS pkgs are a major stumbling block as is starting pay and promotions to full time.

    To be secure, its time to plan on saving at least 2 weeks pay before july 31st. Start to look for a part time job somewhere on your route. Utilize your resources if you are a package driver. If you are a hub employee, start to look for alternate work to hold you over.

    Why do I say this? Well , two things. I am on the negotiating committee for the West, and things are not going well. There will be NO early settlement on this contract.

    The reason?

    Back in 1997, UPS allowed a strike to happen in order to see if they could actually continue to function. As they found out the hard way, they couldnt.

    Afterwards, they implemented many technological programs with the intention of operating the business when the next contract expired. They have spent millions on technology in order to attempt to keep the sort moving, the unload moving, the feeders moving and the package cars rolling.

    Now its time for UPS to put its investment to the test. They have the "BALLS" to actually put us on the street again for a limited time and test their theories. They once again are under estimating the complexities of the jobs at UPS. To the decision makers, this is a job of numbers and not thinking.

    This is where they make the biggest mistakes.

    With package, these new software enhancements coming out are nothing more than guides for "scabs" during a strike. Additionally, UPS under estimates the power of the customers who overwhelmingly supported the drivers the last time, even though UPS continues to raise rates every year.

    AS if the customers dont read about all the investments during the off contract years that is being spent to the tune of billions of dollars, but then complains it cant afford its employees.

    UPS wants to put its new technologies to the ultimate test, and if that takes two weeks, then they are willing to do that.

    I say GO FOR IT.

    In the long run, UPS will only hurt itself, and once the company starts bleeding, it will use it management as bandaids as they cut their benefits and salary to make up for the cost of settling the new contract.

    A trial run is what we are about to experience. Be prepared. Be smart. Work as much overtime as you possibly can for the next 5 months. Dont complain about hours as you work on a strikefund of your own.

    Dont listen to the company talking heads who attempt to assure you things are all going to be fine, they will never tell you the truth.

    Dont wait till the last minute brothers and sisters.


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    "Word going around the hub"

    If it didn't come across the Feeder News Network it never happened.
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    Can't wait to go to work tomorrow. I wonder how much the brown cafe has sped up how news like this travels.
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    We've got a long road to get people ready down here in RTW Georgia, luckily we have some very vocal members to help out educating the drivers on how UPS is getting ready to play hardball.
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    Get your gameface on.
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    In reality, not much has changed since 1997. Sure they have dumbed down the sorting & package delivery enough that they think an untrained chimpanzee could do it, but even if that were true they still have to get volume to the hubs. Most of our Feeder drivers are seasoned veterans of the 1997 strike (when none crossed in my RTW State) and more than 1/3 are past retirement age or PEER lock-in. Your most likely candidates to cross would be the junior drivers, and the closer we get to a strike date volume will drop like a rock as CPU accounts like Amazon divert all their volume. So those drivers will be back in Package and pissed-off. Good luck replacing all those Feeder drivers, they won't even have enough to keep the volume moving off the rail. We can all easily get jobs at any number of carriers with our experience and safety records for near the same money.

    None of the Pilots will cross either. If you see a Pilot, thank them again for having our back in 1997.
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    It is a long way from August 1st ,but with the ridiculous proposal the company has put on the table we need to stand together and tell them the paper it is written on is best used in the bathroom.In the interim it is my humble opinion that we send a clear message to management by holding them rigidly to the current contract. Every Pt'er should ask for his 3 1/2 every day.No sups touching packages for any reason.It starts with every union employee enforcing the contract or else we will wind up paying in the end.
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    I know your new here, but just telling you now the only poster that yawns here is upstate...if you want to sneeze, cough, or fart thats ok but yawning is his thing and for him only...gooday
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    Before egos get bloated and accusations get tossed around. You better keep in mind what happened recently between Hostess and the Teamsters. I would rather see us work past our contract expiration date and make the new contract retroactive than to Strike. If by chance UPS closes its doors, WE are ALL SCREWED!!!!! Active employees AND retirees.
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    The comparisons to other unionized companies need's to stop. We are in a vastly different situation and industry than Hostess and GM. Its not even comparing apples to oranges. Its more like comparing apples to dog food.

    If...... and thats a big "if"...... UPS ever starts heading down the financial path of those formerly mentioned compaines, that would be the time to discuss concessions, but we're not even close to that. Fortunately we are in the opposite situation in that all of our contracts have benifited both growth in our wages and growth in company profits. So far its been a win/win!
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    First of all........ Where is this $90 calculation coming from??? Did you just pull that number out of your ass? Did your shop steward pull that number out of his ass, and start spreading it as a rumor? Im confused as to where these dollar figures are coming from!
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    UPS Targets Health Benefits | Teamsters for a Democratic Union
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    <shrug> my BA texted all of us stewards the same info,and he aint TDU
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    HA!HA! All UPS has to sell in"Service". They can shut this place down in a minute,paint the trucks in stripes,do a name change and start over in no time. With so many people looking for jobs,they will have quite a pool of applicants to chose from. It wouldn't take that long to get the Service back up and going.
    Yes, UPS makes money,that's great! I too think they should share the wealth. My point was don't go off on this Strike talk with blinders on and not see what's going on around us.
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    Food for Thought:
    [h=3]How Others Compare[/h][h=3]CEO-to-Worker Comparisons[/h][TABLE="class: chart_factsheet"]
    [TH] Annual [/TH]
    [TH] Weekly [/TH]
    [TH] Daily [/TH]
    [TH] Hourly [/TH]
    [TH] Per Minute [/TH]
    [TD="class: left"] D. Scott Davis [/TD]
    [TD] $13,053,098 [/TD]
    [TD] $251,021.12 [/TD]
    [TD] $50,204.22 [/TD]
    [TD] $6,275.53 [/TD]
    [TD] $104.59 [/TD]
    [TD="class: left"] Minimum Wage Worker [/TD]
    [TD] $15,080 [/TD]
    [TD] $290.00 [/TD]
    [TD] $58.00 [/TD]
    [TD] $7.25 [/TD]
    [TD] $0.12 [/TD]
    [TD="class: left"] Average Worker [/TD]
    [TD] $34,053 [/TD]
    [TD] $654.87 [/TD]
    [TD] $130.97 [/TD]
    [TD] $16.37 [/TD]
    [TD] $0.27 [/TD]
    [TD="class: left"] U.S. President [/TD]
    [TD] $400,000 [/TD]
    [TD] $7,692.31 [/TD]
    [TD] $1,538.46 [/TD]
    [TD] $192.31 [/TD]
    [TD] $3.21 [/TD]
    Note: calculations assume 40 hours per week/52 weeks per year.
    [h=3]How Many Years to Equal D. Scott Davis ’s 2011 Compensation?[/h][TABLE="class: chart_factsheet"]
    [TD="class: left"] Minimum Wage Worker [/TD]
    [TD] 866 years [/TD]
    [TD="class: left"] Completion Date [/TD]
    [TD] 2,877 A.D. [/TD]
    [TD="class: left"] Average Worker [/TD]
    [TD] 383 years [/TD]
    [TD="class: left"] Completion Date [/TD]
    [TD] 2,394 A.D. [/TD]
    [TD="class: left"] U.S. President [/TD]
    [TD] 33 years [/TD]
    [TD="class: left"] Completion Date [/TD]
    [TD] 2,044 A.D.[/TD]