Contract talks !!!!!! STRIKE !!!!!!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by 4784, Feb 7, 2013.

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    So your ok with a paycut? Not me, if anything a raise. If I have to pay anything Im pulling out of the union to offset cost
  2. Super 9

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    None taken, for sure I rather continue to pay nothing. Still can't help but feel better that it's down from the original 30/60/90 if this isn't a rumor.
  3. ups hero

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    I agree 100%. Once the company opens the door to us paying for health benefits, our future to free or even low payments will be completely out on the future contracts. JUST SAY NO!!
  4. realbrown1

    realbrown1 Annoy a liberal today. Hit them with facts.

    He may have been there 27 years, but I wouldn't call anything Tony did work.
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    In 1997 the company was netting 1 billion (roughly per year on average) and we didn't and haven't paid for bennies since so why is it even entertained that we will now. THEY ARE NETTING BTWN 4-5 BILLION DOLLARS! What are you thinking? See any management using disability on a large scale like we are? How about the workers comp it managements bodies taking the beating? We all know the answer to those questions. Ive seen hip and knee replacements, torn ACLs, PCLs and meniscus tears lately in our full time drvr ranks from worn out parts, not just accidents.

    And this is happening to the 35-40 yr olds, not the top seniority people.

    Seen that in the management ranks? Nope.

    They push us to the limits and then tell us we need to work safely. Let them foot the bill.....ALL OF IT. This isn't Fedx, it's UPS and we deserve physical compensation as well as monetary comp because we all know most of the management couldn't have come even CLOSE to delivering the record volume WE did during peak with so few people (15,000 plus pkgs del by 40 drivers daily) so let's remember WHO WE ARE and stand up for each other and our families.

    I miss Ron Carey. He had guts.
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  6. Catatonic

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    In addition to being churlish, you were able to be out-of-date too.
    Management, as you know them, no longer benefits from the contract terms and conditions.
    You need to find some other group to compare the Teamster employee to.
  7. realbrown1

    realbrown1 Annoy a liberal today. Hit them with facts.

    Fine, if your willing to pay $5 a week for your health coverage, go right ahead and write UPS a check every week. Just don't make that decision for the rest of us. I've worked at UPS a long time and have the scars to prove it (dog bites, surgery, pulled ligaments), all caused on the job, so the least they can do for me is cover my medical.
  8. stink219

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    Great point!! We make a 30 year investment to the company with our bodies. They should do everything in their power to protect that.
  9. toonertoo

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    I dont understand why anyone has to answer a question posed by anyone on here, especially the site owners. About their work, their lives, their actions.
    If our president doesnt have to answer questions that affect all of us, why should Tony answer a question, that affects none of us?
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    Time to change your screen name.
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    who ever said he did. That's why it was a question. Why don't you just let it go and quit rehashing this.
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    430 replies in less than 2 days ... impressive.
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    Nope, not churlish and not out of date. If you want to argue and babble over your painted picture overviews it's not worth responding...but since you want to show your ignorance about who is trying to devalue our contract bennies as it stands lets call it the Teamsters/Easter Bunny National Agreement so your point will be validated. HMOs in 1997 proposed contract weren't pushed by the Teamsters. Must have been UPS MANAGEMENT? Yawn.
  14. Catatonic

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    OK ... you win.
    You're not work the effort to explain what I was talking about over 10 - 20 posts back and forth until the light goes on in your head.
    Carry on your indiscriminate misplaced hate ... it doesn't really matter anyway.
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    Anyone for a chocolate chip cookie?
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    yes, please
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    mmmmm makes me hungry
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    Hey guys, I have a question. I am not much into TV but was taking care of a friend who blew out his back last week. His wife likes to watch Under Cover Boss. What are the chances of getting Scott Davis on that show so he can see exactly what it is like in the building or in a package car in August say in Alabama or even Georgia? He could even get his CDL and get out on the roads, and make several TDP pickup's and see the customer delays we have to deal with. Then the delay we have when we have to clean out a trailer to take to our next pick up. The congestion on the yard during peak hours, and there is no where to park the trailer ???

    Hey maybe we should all contact the show and nominate him to be on the show. That way he can prove to the public that UPS is actually a good company to work for and all those rumors are just not true ! (just a little sarcasm ) I will look into how to get him on, and maybe we can start a campaign to get him on. Hell even if the show contacted the company that alone would be funny as hell. He would most likely tell them he had tee times for the days required to tape the show.

    Read more:
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    I can't see that beancounting twink slinging cardboard. He might chip a nail.