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    I got a letter from Teamster asking members to vote YES. According to the letter UPS Teamster will continue to recieve their health insurance without paying for Premiums and dependents will now covered after 12 months. More wages increases. New 9.5 language improvement. And existing part-timers will not make less than a new hire. What you guys believe?
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    This letter was sent out -- in my opinion -- because IBT is nervous about ratification after Local 89 and essentially the entire west coast rank-and-file (not to mention Ohio and PA Teamsters) have come out against the agreement primarily over the healthcare changes.

    This is also likely why the list of local officers that approved the TA during the two-man committees was included. This quote was especially telling:

    "Not one individual opposed either contract during the comment period. In fact, all agreed to recommend them to their members."

    Keep in mind that sending out these notices is not cheap; they have to be printed by a union shop and then pay for the postage to have them sent out to the membership. While the bargaining unit for UPS and UPS Freight is ~250,000, nowhere near the number are actually dues paying members. Low-balling the estimate at 50% (125,000) and low-balling printing and postage (let's use $1.50 per member as combined postage and printing), that's $187,500 just for a single notice.
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    I'm sure that many existing part-timers will be happy to known that they will not be making less than newly hired part-time employees. Devoting three sentences to the part-timers in this mailing is certainly an indication how bad the part-timers were represented in this agreement. I believe a reduction in Union dues is in order for part-time employees if this contract passes.

    How about retirees? Not one bit of information on the CS H&W R6 plan... How can we vote on something in which we know nothing about? A schedule of benefits for the R6 plan would be helpful.

    Corporate America continues to make significant gains against the working class. The TA is a win/win for both UPS and the represents concessions for many IBT represented employees. UPS continues to reduce the number of employees that benefit from Union agreements. Harassment and discipline (up to and including discharge) will continue for full time drivers. Fewer and fewer employees will retire with FULL TIME pensions. Retirees will receive fewer health care benefits.
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    I received 2 letters today,One on the contract and one From the Int'l and hall detailing the Union Dues here in Local 89.The letter states that Local 89 Union dues increase was 89's fault and not The Int'l Fault as 89 has always said.Part Time Dues has went 2.5x Rate and hall says that would always be waived do to the limited hours.89 puts blame on Int'l.Anyone know the truth ??
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    How can I see this letter???
  6. RealPerson

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    So, why is this not in the TA then?

    Love to see this letter. Did it have numbers, or just Vote yes and trust them? LOL
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    And if the IBT failed to send out this notice, TDU would be all over them for more information brownout. Full contracts with ballots containing much more printed info plus a postage paid return envelope will also be sent out at great expense. It's how the process works. If this contract is rejected all future negotiations are not free. More big dues money will be spent only afterward less dues will be coming in because volume losses are all but guaranteed as big shippers will bail causing job losses.
    The L89 deal is all politics. Zuckerman didn't get on the committee and now he's taking his ball and going home.
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    I believe you mean the "enhanced" C-6 plan as I don't believe the CS H&W offers an R plan. I agree with reducing dues for part timers if you'll agree to not take the additions to the Pension plan negotiated on your behalf by the IBT. And please inform our returning service members you believe they don't need any vacation because you want a dues reduction. And full timers who get hurt better get well damn quick cause three years is too long in your book. You might explain to your friends with abuse issues that 3 chances at rehab in their careers is something you don't believe in. Vacation checks will get there when they get there. Maybe a few more Feeder drivers heads have to go through the rear window in rear end accidents to sway your vote. No one needs radios, including inside buildings. What nerve UPS has telling employees to not use their cell phones. Maybe the 2300 new 22.3's won't mind a dues hike, but I'm just guessing. Of course you've deduced the increase pt starting rates will increase dues so lets slash those wages. And bring on the brokers at half the wages, we don't need to use UPS FRT TEAMSTERS when Goober has a truck...

    I think you get the drift. There is more good in this TA than bad. We didn't get everything but we made improvements. Negotiations costs money. PT's and FTs will make more money so they pay more dues. You'll be rewarded in your retirement with higher pensions. H&W costs in retirement were not going to stay the same. UPS sent out there own letter (how much did that one cost Piedmont) promising to massively increase costs for retirees under their plan. The IBT stopped that huge increase. Do you really think a lose-lose contract is in anyones best interests?
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    As a part-timer. You will be making significantly less due to massive increase in healthcare costs. Average part-time take home pay around my center was 125 a week... just one trip to the doctor on this new contract could cost a part-timer months of his pay. Thats a very significant concession!
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    This is a lie in itself. They did what all meetings do asked for two to pass then any new votes. No matter what. And according to my BA they voted to take it to the members only not approval at all.
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    Can you repost this in English?
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    I believe you should vote "NO". I believe if you were to read the proposed contract you would also feel that way.
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    Segregation deserves a "no" vote!
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    Agreed, one can only assume the IBT is very nervous about the Vote no group on Facebook and Local 89 people pounding the pavement getting out the NO Vote info into the 9,000 members hands. And the Philly hub everyone is wearing Vote No shirts. The voting results will be very interesting break down of numbers this year.
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    BTW.....It is my understanding the CS H&W Retiree plan is referred to as R6.

    Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 10.19.08 PM.png
    Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 10.19.08 PM.png
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    I had no problem with the IBT mailing off the first flyer on the TA, including the highlights. I also have no problem with the IBT paying for the printing costs associate with sending out copies of the TA and ballots to the membership. However, this second flyer that was received by most members today was purely in defense of the TA, was likely motivated by recent rank-and-file action, and it was roughly a quarter of a million dollars that should have been spent elsewhere.
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    1)Go to a Mexican restaurant.
    2)Eat as much as you possibly can.
    3)After you've finished head home.
    4)Wait patiently to use the restroom.
    5)Use this time to neatly fold the letter in usably toilet paper sized dimensions.
    6)Sit gently on toilet with said letter ready to wipe after you've done your business.
    7)Place letter back in envelope and return to sender
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    I have to say you and 407 are passionate about this. I like it. But you, 407 and stink are not passionate about a no vote. All the people you are sticking up for ( injured,military and 22.3s ) all would vote no on this. Just jump on broad. We need your vote and passion to sway other members. We deserve better as members. We work to hard for a company that never has or never will lose money. Vote No!!
  19. East coast navy

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    I agree. They waste there money( are money on this Sheet when it could go to less union dues or strike found. But they don't believe in strike talks and making stands.
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    You may be right Piedmont and when I get you elected as GP you can make that call. The IBT is frustrated with chickenpoop leaders who sit on their hands when they should be speaking up. To go back to the safety of their locals (89) and talk tough isn't my kind of leadership. Rejecting this TA for legit reasons is one thing but did you know L89 wants their members to be paid from the time they park their cars. I know they have a huge building and need to park a good distance but my grandmother took a friggin bus to work, maybe she should have had the mighty Zuckerman fighting for her. Rejecting this TA will cost a boatload more than accepting it. If we reject and go back, pt's will lose big.