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    We have 16 drivers laid off, 10 more not working, and atleast 6 or 7 contractors in our yard every night.
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    2013 is coming fast .... save your cash !!!
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    The ink will be dry on the contract long before the expiration date.
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    Contractors only affect the bottom 10-20% of linehaul drivers. That isn't nearly enough people to strike.
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    i disagree with the opinion that they affect the bottom 20%. they affect almost everyone.. while OUR guys are sitting and waiting for freight you got four or five contractors pulling 53' vans from the dock and leaving WITH YOUR FREIGHT!!!.. don't make sense.. it affects everyone... i run 5900 miles a week and we have to wait on freight that is scheduled for us because they give it all away to contractors and outta HRS so there should be no reason to not have freight for our OWN drivers!
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    Up in Portland, we are a relatively small hub, 80 doors. That being said, 8-10 contractors a day out the gate with our freight, and about 10-15 rail pigs a day. All our drivers are working, but no new drivers being hired. We're showing no employee growth while our freight levels keep going up. We have day cab drivers running as few as 200 miles a day and sleeper teams running as few as 2500 miles a week. We have city drivers getting as many miles filling in on roads, and some get more miles than the line drivers.
    Our equipment is old and worn out, some held together with duct tape. When safety issues get written up, our books get signed off as "OK for Service"
    Things need to get better. Used to enjoy going to work, now I enjoy leaving work. Just saying.
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    Thats the way to show support for your brother Teamsters
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    I only worked two days last week and one so far this week. I wouldn't mind having the freight that is put on subcontractor trailers put on our trailers so we could work. But I know that isn't going to happen any time soon. I guess if the company doesn't mind paying subcontractors while I collect partial unemployment, so be it.
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    ​You ought to bless your chickens if you are running 5900 miles a week...
    They must have over looked your run...
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    thy haven't looked over my run as I run team for the company... my partner has pretty good seniority and we have three schedules that run like this..its the three most paying runs on sleeper my hub has...