Contracts after retirement ???

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  1. Vette51

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    Curious if someone retires this contract and the next contract pensions are reduced, will a retirees pension be reduced ? Just thinking of retiring right before this contract is up to avoid getting the shaft that has just happened on our contract.
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    Then WWIII will start.:gun_banda:helpsmili:no:
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    Pensions reduced? Getting the shaft ?
    Unheard of!
    Take what you can, when you can, and get out of the brown hole , hold on and hope for the best.
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  4. Been In Brown Too Long

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    You can basically get the shaft at any time after retirement. If the Trust runs short of funds, they may reduce your benefit. Doesn't really matter whether you leave right before a new contract, or 25 years down the road.

    Like TheBrownFlush said, get what you can while you can. If you are always afraid of a reduction, you'll never leave! You certainly don't want that!!!
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    what region you in?

    My region overwhelmingly passed our supplements because pensions increase this new contract.
  6. Vette51

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    Central local 89