Corporate Complaints


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Has anyone called the corporate number to lodge a complaint? Has anyone noticed an increase in the number of corporate complaints coming from their building? Does anyone know of people who do call corporate?
I am just curious because it seems we are having quite a few in our building by just a couple of employees.


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The 800 is a good tool as long as it's used correctly. You must have weeks, if not months of documentation, witnesses to the abuse and a paper trail of complaints made to center management. You must also be absolutely clean yourself. Squeaky clean, to be exact.

If there are a couple people who are calling the number frequently, they are possibly abusing it and may be disregarded as troublemakers.

I have called the number once in over 10 years and the offending pt sup is no longer with the company. :laugh: Took lots of time, patience and effort on my part but it was well worth it. I'm not the most popular person with management but they know I'm there to do the job right and not eat their BS. dw