Correlation between SPC and accident/injuries.

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    I know someone just posted another SPC thread. But does anyone else notice I rise in accidents and injuries as they raise SPC. When I WAS on the safety committee I made a spreadsheet of the past 3 years. I notices that the higher the SPC were, the higher the percentage of accidents and injury. Anybody else notice this? I asked Liberty Mutual about this, they told me they don't have those statistics. I told my manager and 2 sups about my findings, they asked to not be involved.
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    ​You should "leak" that spreadsheet to your local OSHA office.
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    Stink, we are in the same district----the other day in our PCM the center manager proudly announced that we (district) had gone an entire day without an accident. This is not the norm as he usually relays the details of a Tier III somewhere in the district.

    There is definitely a correlation between SPC and accidents/injuries.
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    If they know this info, why the huge safety push about accident and injury cost reduction when all they need to do is add a few routes.
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    They do know that already. But they believe it is cheaper and easier to just blame and harrass the driver for what happened as opposed to adding routes.
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    Our new center manager came in a year ago preaching safety and how nothing else matters but being safe

    Well a year later we have more accidents and injurys then ever before , I wonder why
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    Injuries are a cost of doing business. Until the point the rise in productivity percentage in relation to the injuries curves towards injuries, we will continue to have higher production standards.
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    I can totally see how longer days and higher SPC would translate to more injuries and accidents. However, as a professional, I do my best to not add to that increase by working at a slower/safer pace as the day drags on. My stops per hour might plummet, but I will continue to work safe.
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    Makes you wonder why our co-workers think it's a good idea to come in early and work for free?
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    Me-sters aren't my co-workers, farthest thing from it the way I see it.