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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by gripitnripit, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. gripitnripit

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    Would anyone know what the cost would be for our health insurance coverage if we had to pay for it? or would anyone know how I could find out?
  2. moreluck

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    $3716.00 a quarter for a husband & wife.

    That is just medical, not dental, not optical.
  3. Air Hub

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    When you quit you are offered COBRA. You have to pay it your self by the month. I have also wonder what COBRA would cost per month. By Law UPS can charge 1.03% to 1.50% of what they pay for the insurance. Most company's are charging 1.03%.

    So... has anyone quit or know anyone who has quit?
  4. moreluck

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    hubby quit in 2000.....the cost I stated is what we have to pay. It did not start out at that rate, but has increased every quarter since 2000.

    You don't just shop for insurance because it comes down to which company will accept you. Our rate is from Nationwide and through one of their "group plans".
  5. Remember also that the health insurance coverage offered through UPS is a massive plan covering thousands of employees. The huge number associates reduces individual risk and thereby lowers the individual premium for each employee. If you were to go out on your own and purchase equivilant health insurance you would pay a much higher rate than UPS does.
  6. CTOTH

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    For me it was like $400/month COBRA or $1500/month purchase price after COBRA ran out. Single, 24 year old male, non-smoker seems a bit outrageous but what isn't this day in age?
  7. advisor1

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    I checked on COBRA a few weeks ago. I'm sure that every district is different depending on the insurance co & other factors. In Kansas, through Aetna here are the numbers -

    Single med only- $256.76 w/ vision & dental -$292.76
    Family med only - $685.56 w/ vision & dental - $781.67
  8. KCpkg

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    Sorry to bring back an old thread...

    Im a PT package handler in Kansas (KC area) and was wondering how much the COBRA premiums have gone up in the past 18 months. I will most likely have to leave UPS in the next few months and will not have insurance. I will have to pay for COBRA due to a son with a liver problem. Any information anyone has would be appreciated. (even if you are from another part of the country)
  9. helenofcalifornia

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    I think this is right, but in California you have 60 days to apply for health insurance from the company that covered you when you worked for UPS. After that period, you have to apply as if you are off the streets. My boy quit school, went without insurance for about 6 months, (stupid me) and now we are being denied right and left from all kinds of health insurance companies because he has "pre-existing" conditions. If I had known then, I would have signed that boy up wihin 60 days for his own individual plan with Blue Shield and only have had to pay about $100 a month for care that is totally adequate for his present and future needs, as well as any emergencies. Check this out with whatever company UPS uses in your area. Especially with a boy with liver issues.
    Does anybody out there know any tricks of the trade in getting around pre-existing conditions? (from when he was 14!!!)
  10. helenofcalifornia

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    And when I say within 60 days, my understanding is that they can't deny you because of pre-existing conditions. So it is very important to apply within that time frame. Good luck.
  11. geriatric handler?

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    wow. can't believe how low some are. ours here in northern CA are outrageous.

    didn't check into family, but COBRA for an individual for med/dental/vision, it's $1430/month- yes.... per MONTH.
  12. KCpkg

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    Correct, they can NOT deny based on pre-existing conditions. That was one of the main reasons I came to UPS in the first place, for the benefits. Now that I have to go on COBRA to keep him insured I'm expecting about a $1000/month bill, but its cheaper than paying out of pocket...

    I just wanted to get an idea of what I'll be paying. Its not like I can walk into HR and ask what the COBRA rates are. :)