Cost Of Living Raise


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Housing construction is crazy expensive right now. Taxes going up will raise prices too.


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I think it was the 1981 contract that had a generous COLA that blindsided UPS and we ended up making out like bandits.
The 76-79 contract had the last decent COLA.
Raises were $0.65, $0.50 and $0.50 but those last two years were COLA adjusted to $0.74 and $0.72.
The top wage in '76 was about $7.50, so an increase of $2.11 represented a 28% increase in three years.


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The market's expected inflation rate is still under 2.5% right now. The same increase happened after the last recession and we were fine. No need to worry yet.


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contractors starting to use metal studs in houses
cheaper and easier to procure than wood
Lumber prices are crazy right now. I bought 6x6 treated posts 6 months ago for $58 each. They are $108 now. Funny thing is, timber prices are super low. Landowners get nothing to have theirs cut.