Cost Of Living Raise

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Stop being a little bitch
Should make things faster for running wire. Do they fill insulation into the metal stud?
Not the way I’ve done it, no. Only once, a very expensive job. We got all the precut metal studs delivered and the corner pieces were pre fabbed to bolt together.
We layed out the rest and pre drilled, chalked it all tits perfect and galvanized bolt from the outside. We came back the next week to do the subfloors and all the wiring plumbing isul was done

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Gaining momentum
Trump's $9 trillion in new debt didn't cause inflation, why would Biden's
When you increase regulations which artificially lowers supply side while churning out more treasury debt notes, you get a Burning Man economy.

These elites hate people. They are made of carbon don't you know.

A better policy would be to increase national production and slow the import of cheap labor immigration. Shore up pricing and move wages for move buying power.