Could UPS deliver DHL's ground shipments?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by daedalus, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. daedalus

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    I wonder if UPS and DHL are negotiating for ground delivery now too. There's a new article today here that makes it sound like the deal could possibly just fall apart. But a DHL driver I know thinks that ultimately UPS will be handling all DHL's volume - air and ground in the USA.

  2. Red Dawn

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    i work at air is or should i say was going to let dhl put some of its vol on our planes..and even process of there vol in hub.. but we would not delivery any of it. just to there hub. we had to put ups bar codes on packages in hub
  3. drewed

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    I think theyre going to have to, dropping the domestic service only makes a bad situation worse in terms of making money, running an airfleet nationwide when your volume is cut by 90% doesnt make sense just as it doesnt make sense to keep the stations open employing sorters, drivers, managers, paying leasing fees, taxes, utilities
  4. daedalus

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    When is DHL's last day for US domestic?