Couple questions for delivery drivers

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  1. john1988

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    Hello everyone, I was just wondering how many hours the delivery drivers work a day? And also, how long did it take you to get to UPS driver after getting hired at UPS? Or did you go straight into becoming one? I'm thinking about it, that would probably be my goal, I like driving a lot. Thanks for the info.
  2. cosmo1

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    Too many and too long for most.
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    I'm a cover driver and I go to work at 8:40am and get off between 7:30pm and 10:30pm. Usually get off around 9pm. I'm close to the bottom of seniority, so I usually get the built cars, and bail out other drivers with business and 9.5 help.
  4. rkctkc

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    I've been at ups a little over five years. Started in April of 08. Started as a cover in sept 2010. I drive just as much. Heck, more than the average full time driver and I'm a part time.
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    If you have to ask you can't handle it.
  6. Cementups

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    I work about 9 hours a day. On the clock at 8:45 and usually off by 6:15

    It is all different depending on where you are located. I'd hate myself if I had to work till 9 or 10 like some of these poor blokes.
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    Questions. First, are you employed by ups? Second, what area do you live?
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    Don't plan on seeing your family anytime other than the weekends.
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    It aint for everybody thats for sure. I just got home at 945 tonight. 170 stops and 175 miles. Started at 9am. Time is money is the way you have to approach it. Theres alot to think about before you go driving such as are you going to get married, are you going to have kids because the hours of this job can bring alot of stress to your family life, if you dont have a strong woman supporting you. God bless my wife dude for being able to handle it, but then again she likes those big benjis i bring home every fri lol. It helps we dont have kids and arent planning on it. Theres alot of guys and gals on here that can help you with any questions you have pertaining to the driver position.
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    You have a wife dude?
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    Yup will be 11 years on oct 12th. My wifes cool as a fan man lol. Wouldnt have got married if she wasnt trust me on that one lol.
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    I'm just curious what exactly a wife dude is??? And what it does for me???
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    you guys are funny lol. like really dude?
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    To answer the OP's question we are "planned" for 9.1 hours per day, this is rarely the case as they try to push more drivers into working unsafe to deliver more packages. I know package car drivers who right now have made $60k. They are working 50+ hours a week. I waited almost 10 years for full time driving. And unfortunately if you have a family you really will be home to tuck them in, and thats about it.
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    Ditto nicky couldnt have said it better
  16. TooTechie

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    That's nuts. I thought my 138 miles, 150 stops was a lot today....
  17. TooTechie

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    You can have mine.
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    Yeah crazy day dude. I had 153 myself and then had to bail out a temp who was struggling. Left house at 730 and home at 930. 14 hour day and the sad part about that is that its normal for me. You may not like it but you get used to having absolutely no life mon to friday.
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    No but I've been thinking about applying, I'm in Louisiana. Thanks for the responses .