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  1. Was just hired off the street as a part time cover driver. All though my officials title is PT I was told I would pretty much be working full time hours. My question is does anybody know when I will get health insurance? Is it 9 months like the part timers or after 30 days?
    Meeting with HR tomorrow but thought I would ask on here real quick. Could not find in the SW Package supplement or western region sup.
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    If you're classified PT, 9 months
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    You're PT so it will be 9 months.

    Do you have Sat delivery? If you do you may be back in the building loading trucks soon if you don't have enough seniority to become a 22.4
  4. Ok thanks
  5. No Sat Delivery.
    It’s a small canter with no part time inside employees and I don’t think they are big enough to implement 22.4 only nine drivers in the center that I know of