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  1. in my hub we have 3 centers i have not been working as a cover driver for my center since jan other then once in a blue moon (4times) well to the point now :angry: i found out that they have been using full time drivers from other centers with cover drivers working from that center and they have not been calling me to fill in if im not wrong this is not right please let me know if any one has had this same problem ( one last thing they were using other cover drivers from different center till i filled out a grivence and won it then they changed it to this ) thanks for any help
    west coast cal !!!
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    As we go through these bad economic times and volume drops there will be issues. Full time drivers, no matter the center, have the right to work ahead of all cover drivers regardless of what center they drive for.

    Cover drivers do not have the right to bounce around all over the building. They are to work for their center only unless, there is no work in their center, and they need them in another center.

    All of the regular drivers in that center must work first, and then cover drivers from other centers can come over and help.