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    Ive been through 18 days of my 30 days to become a certified cover driver, and lately I havent been getting called to come in and drive (Ive gotten all positive feedback on my driving, and have made it under 45 minutes). When I'm not driving, I still load packages for the night shift (11pm-4am). My issue is I have 8 years of seniority, and I feel like I should be able to get a shift change from the night shift to day shift because of my Cover Driving. If I work that night shift, I can't drive during the day when needed. I requested a shift change and was denied. How can I get around this and get my shift changed??

    My Sup. said it was because of peak season is coming and he wanted a count of people he had. With that said, if peak season is coming, I know I'll be driving alot more (My Driving Supervisor has already confirmed it). I do not get the logic of them not letting me switch.
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    That is the end of the thread, right there.
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    I can bring it back up a year or two from now if you want.
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    It doesn't matter what shift you work PT if you work that shift your going to have problems with HOS rules if you drive the same day.. They should tell you the day before if your going to drive the next day...

    The logic is that they don't have to let you switch.
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    Cover drivers normally work the preload when they are not on-road. The OP should be allowed to switch to the preload.
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    If there is an opening, peak or otherwise, he has seniority over anyone with less. Did the OP put his request in writing to HR?
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    I put the request in writing. They do not call me the day or night before I'm going to be needed to drive. My Sup calls me at 8am that morning to come, and obviously after getting off at 4am I can't go in. This is the reason I want an earlier shift, so I won't have these issues.
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    You can go in but only can work till 1:00 pm.