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  1. tech209

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    been with ups for 3 years and just passed my 30 day Qualification from driving ...... after about 3 weeks of driving got a message on the diad saying to return to the hub because of being over staffed on drivers....

    Do i have to go back to the hub or could i choose to just wait and call next week to see if in driving
  2. Rack em

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    Work as directed and report to the hub.
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  3. tech209

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  4. 542thruNthru

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    I'm guessing you're a PT Cover Driver in the west?

    You have to report back to your primary PT job or they can discipline you.
  5. tech209

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    Thank you and will do
  6. rod

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    If I was you I would take my own sweet time getting back.
  7. tech209

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    Lol was thinking the same