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  1. instantK

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    I use to work the local sort than became a cover driver.. My question is on days I dont drive is it mandatory I work local sort that night or it optional, anything on the contract about this?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    If you don't like getting paid then it is optional.
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    Id rather be at home at nights rather than unloading packages.... I put in several years of that place and it makes me go mad... only so many years someone can load trailers each night...I drive few days a week so on days i'm not driving id rather not worry about working the local sort.... Someone mention that its in the contract that covers dont must work local sort when they dont drive that day
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    I took any jobs I could get when I wasn't on the road as a TCD. I would deliver air in the mornings whenever possible and almost always work local sort. Even on days when I ran partial routes as a TCD. I also worked all hours available as Saturday driver. I was averaging over 45 hours per week and wasn't even full time and I think that helped justify adding full-time jobs to our center later on. I was one of the people hired.
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    Apparently in your area you have PT cover driver that when not cover driving you work your PT job. If you just want to cover drive and not work your pt job too you might want to tell you boss you'd rather be a casual...

    You don't get to choose when you want to work and when you don't.... Your primary job is pt local sort and your secondary job is cover driver. You can give up cover driving and just work on the local sort but you can't give up the local sort and just cover drive....

    On another ein my area cover drivers are FT drivers that are guaranteed 8 hrs a day they just don't have there own route.... Maybe you should talk to your BA about getting rid of PT cover driver and just having FT cover drivers that way you wouldn't get used and abused...
  6. Nimnim

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    There is also the possible problem of that pesky 10 hours off before reporting for driving. Most of the cover drivers on my shift only show up if they know they won't be driving multiple days in a row. Kinda hard to finish a shift 2-3 am and then drive a route in the morning.
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    If your metro is like ours, you'll be off the clock by 10pm at the latest. Make sure you work every preload shift offered. You will be available to drive if needed, just make sure you have your browns with you everyday. Our contract has a supplement that allows you to not work, if you choose. There is nothing about allowing you to work. Whatever sort you were originally hired for is your sort and your right to work it as you have seniority over others, I assume.