Covered a full time position but got no lunch or break

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    This past Monday, I was covering a shift for a full time employee as I am only part time on our sort. My shift I was covering for the peak season was from 8:30 a.m. until 11:30 p.m. that was including doing their job and then working on my sort as well, whenever I was finished doing their job and I was getting ready to start our sort I had asked if I could take a 15 minute break to get food. My supervisor had replied that I was just covering a full time employee so I did not get a break, so if I'm not mistaken if I was to work the hours that I did I should at least have gotten a one hour lunch and one or two breaks for 15 minutes thanks to OSHA. I was talking to some of the other employees that day and they said that they agree that I should have gotten a break and they told me to file a grievance. One of the other supervisors had overheard the conversation I guess and had told me that the next day since I'm covering the shift all week that I can take me a lunch for 1 hour everyday all I have to do was ask but when I had asked they said that I didn't get a break or lunch. So were they just telling me that so they wouldn't get in trouble? What can I do about the situation? And it's not like I'm making overtime because they're making me work the full time job just long enough that I don't make over time doing that and that screws me out of overtime on my sort. Would there be a benefit to a grievance if so what would it be and is it worth the hassle that would come?
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    Go find Stuart.
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    Your supervisor is a moron.
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    If I was to file, is it worth the target on my back?
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    You asked for a break, as mandated by law. Your supervisor refused.

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    That's your decision.
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    I don't know what I would gain out of it though. I literally lack knowledge of unions and grievance claims have never had to do one.
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    Once again, go find Stuart.
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    During peak when you do your regular job and other duties, such as driver helper or air driver, etc. you should be getting overtime after 8 hours. Your overtime rate is paid on the job you are doing when you hit 8 hours.
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    Don't worry about the target on YOUR back. They should be worried about the one on theirs. File on it, also make sure you look at your check, anything after 8 is over time. If they screw that up, then file on that too. You have to keep these people in check or they will screw over some other sucker.
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    Would you mind sending me twice your hourly salary a month? You know nothing about me either, but I figure you're OK with it having read this post.
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    I would have taken a 20 min dump!