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  1. chrisg1vdp

    chrisg1vdp Chris G1VDP

    Any of the Hams going to be around on your Radios over the week starting 26th May 2007 listen out for my call G1VDP/P operating from some english Light houses. I will be using a 3 ele TH33JR WARC, a dipole on 40M, and a mobile whip on 80M. Look for me on 14264 (+/- QRM) around 1300Z.

    73's good DX.

  2. OldUPSDriver

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    I can't wait!!!:lol:
  3. over9five

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    Translate to English, please!
  4. scratch

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    That sounded very English to me!
  5. rushfan

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    Will turn on the radio. I only have a G5RV and an FT-890D barefoot, so tx power not that great. No beams, or verticals. XYL is very tolerant of the hobby, however, she doesn't like the big antennas.

    ._ _._. _ _... _._ _ _.. (morse code)