Credit for Part-Time service question.

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    Driver A started as a part-timer a few months before Driver B started as a part-timer. Driver A worked 3 years and 4 months as a pre-loader then went full-time driving in 2005 and was given 1 year of full-time credit for his years as a pre-loader. Driver B worked as a pre-loader for 3 years and 1 month then went full-time driving in 2006 but he recieved two years of full-time credit for his part-time work. So when they bid vacations the lower seniority Driver B currently is getting one more week of vacation time than the higher senority Driver A. Can someone explain this to me?
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    driver w/ the more senior date bids first, however he might not have as many weeks available, in my center I was one of the most senior "employees" however this only entitled me to my number of vacation weeks.......I had a 1977 hire date (part-time)...and a 1982 full-time date.......a guy hired off of the street in 1981 as a fulltime employee, got to pick before me.....however I had accumulated more weeks, based on my original (part-time) hire date
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    As brown bomber said, you bid based on your seniority date, not the number of weeks vacation that you have accrued.