Customer Complaint because I did not speak Spanish!

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    I was delivering a Mobile Home park yesterday that isnt on my route but is part of the weekly Slash Routes that is Monday and had a COD. The consignee came to the door and reached for the package,i told her no, i had to collect a COD and it had to be certified funds. She became agitated and spoke rapid fire spanish,and pointed again at package. I told her again what was required and she got MAD. She yelled to the back of the Mobile home,and a guy came up speaking really fast and while i didnt understand him i could tell he was :censored2: off. I told him it was COD,certified funds,and he put his finger in my face,and they BOTH yelled at me but I kept a smile on my face the whole time

    It was time to go,so i filled out an info notice and said i'd be back tomorrow. The guy was calling me names like poota and kaybrawn or something like that. I'm sure he wasnt telling me happy birthday

    Got in this morning and had 3 Corporate complaints saying that i 'refused to speak spanish' with them( you cant make this stuff up) ,they were demanding in the future to have a Spanish speaking driver deliver to them and they complained that i wouldnt take cash( this one got me stymied,maybe they understood me but couldnt speak, who knows??)

    Once start time rolled around my supervisor asked me about it,and i told him i speak english but NO spanish, sorry. I then asked him how i could improve the situation the next time i had a COD for them, maybe if he spoke Spanish he could come ride with me!
    He had no answer other than to get to work
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    Get used to it pretty soon English will be the second language in the U S A.
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    You didn't do anything wrong. If that was me and guy touch me I would have called to cops he probably is an illegal alien.
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    Spanish for certified funds cod is "Beso Mi Cola" try that next time!!
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    That will add about 3 more corporate complaints to his file.
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    That's funny.
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    Look for a kid in the house. Usually they can translate. If that doesn't work, hand them an info notice and adios.

    And as far as that guy yelling and pointing , he wouldn't have to understand English for me to make it clear that isn't going to happen.
  8. Wecome to America... Now speak English.

    Here in Florida, we have areas of Spanish speaking people (about 50% now lol) and when I have a delivery for them, their kids are my translater.
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    He called you both a whore (puta) and a biatch (cabron). I speak VERY good spanish, but I refuse to do it to communicate with someone who makes no effort to learn the language of the country they're invading.....I mean "living" in.

    I would have done the EXACT same thing. Except, as I went to leave I would tell them , in perfect spanish to have a great day and continue the walk to the truck
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    I didn't put bilingual on my application 12 years ago. If they want me to speak Spanish I'll be happy to learn, just put me on the clock like my safety questions.
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    tener un buen día!

    I have retained a bit of Spanish so I would have told him....."Callate el osico gordota" and maybe "No me jodas". " Yo chingé a tu madre" is always one of my favorites as well.
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    BTW, puta is also b!tch
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    Hola, aqui es tu tarjeta verde, tienes que pagar quatro cientos dolares, y entonces vas a recibir lo manana. Mucas gracias!

    Which would translate to

    "Hello, here is your green card, you have to pay 400 dollars and then you'll receive it tomorrow"

    Then, just deny it when they call in to complain. lol
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    It is a long story but I received a $1000 reward a few years back from UPS for helping the Secret Service arrest a ring of Mexicans selling ID s to the illegals in the town I deliver to.

    They were shipping the documents through UPS.
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    Lo siento!
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    Pinche Pendejo Cabron !
    Como se dice, ICE ?
    -(get ready for a fight)-.
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    Hasta la choy amigo!
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    Back to the OP--from what you have told us here you did nothing wrong. I hope that you put the package on will call as there is no way that you should make a 2nd attempt.
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    Tell him "gan ni niang" and smile as you walk away.