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    It's been a couple years since I went to a UPS customer counter. Had to send back a package as opposed to the shipper issuing a call tag.

    The package was going back to a town a couple miles from my house, but my husband wanted to ensure he could track the shipment, so he can get credited for both the product and shipping charges. So the shipper said the credit would be for $5 for the shipping charges.

    The package weighed less than 1#, was the size of a shoebox and the shipping charges were over $6.(going to a business address) Now that surprised me. We could have driven the package to the return location for less than that, even with the price of gasoline today.

    I will say from a technology standpoint, in filling out the package information on the computer, giving my email address -which is an option- I received an email by the time I got home to advise of my shipment. A link is provided for UPS tracking, and you simply cut and paste and there you have the real time status of the package.

    Just wondering, if consumers would rather have the technology provided by the counters, or lower shipping charges??

    Any comments by customers out there regarding our pricing compared to the competition?
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    The rates at the Customer Counters are lower than what you find at a UPS Store.
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    I do not send out a lot of personal packages but, when I do have to, I always go to and ship it myself. All you have to do is register (first time users) and then completing the shipping information is simple. Payment is made using a credit card. You can also arrange for a pickup but I simply bring it to work, put it in my pkg car, and then scan it when I get to my first P/U stop. If I happen to have the day off I either put it in a drop box or bring it to the UPS Store. Our customer counter hours are not user friendly (3-6pm, 12-6pm during peak) and our bldg is in the middle of nowhere. Channahon, you present an interesting point. I personally would prefer lower shipping charges but I would think that the average customer would prefer any efforts to make shipping packages easier although, to be honest, it is really not that difficult to ship a package, especially when you do it online. Tracking is absolutely required. I use it for personal packages and also use it whenever customers have an inquiry or to track a DFU pkg.
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    The technology you mentioned (QV) costs UPS virtually nothing on a transactional basis. In fact it would cost more (in time) to ask the question and explain the difference then it would now. Sounds like you are almost talking about giving the customer counter users the option of shipping UPS Basic. As you probably know, we only offer that to certain select customers who want the no frills. (But these no frills go way beyond qv, in fact I think that's still an option). Basic removes insurance, it removes the 3 delv attempts etc.
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    Well (1) The cheapest shipping rate is same zone, <1 pound ground. $5.30 I believe. that is standard UPS rates. You cannot get any lower than a UPS customer counter and their rates. Because your pkg was a shoebox and not a letter or pak, it's going to be slightly over 6$, despite 1lb or under.

    UPS Stores although given UPS rates, can charge as much as they'd like to. At least at counters you get the bottom line.

    PS I work a counter full-time union shop.

    As for other rates, Fed-ex is about the same across the board, and USPS is definitly cheaper. Although you have to pay extra just for trackingwith the Post Office, and God only knows when your package will actually get to it's destination (if ever). I definitly think UPS is about as good as you'll get, for a fair price.
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    Well the package probably has to be sent to a hub 4 hours away and then sent back to the building you dropped it off at to be delivered... So 300 miles later your package is delivered...