Customers and The UPS Driver

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by FedExer267, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. FedExer267

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    Ask yourself is it the brown uniform or the great wage these guys make. Customers love the UPS Guy.
    I was making a delivery the other day and I walked into this business and asked the girls upfront if they could open the back door for me. They looked at each other and said we only get our hands dirty for the UPS Guy. Not to be outdone by their sarcastic remark I walked back around the building and drove to the front and dropped their stuff in the front office. They looked at me and said we take our deliveries in the back, I smiled and said well it seems to me you prefer to have the UPS Guy in the back so from know on I will do you in the front.
    Have a nice day.:wink2:
  2. Brown287

    Brown287 Im not the Mail Man!

    Good stuff. However you can't blame the customer's, we at UPS are just more customer oriented. You see we are their driver for UPS packages, in contrast over there at FDX there are 3 different drivers they need to contend with. With that said if one of my customer's pulled that #$%^ on me, I would of done the same if not worse. Bbscam should pay attention, this is why FDX Ground will never replace UPS.
  3. FedExer267

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    Well dont worry Brown. The customers dig you guys atleast you dont have to walk around looking like a 6 foot Barney.
  4. Brown287

    Brown287 Im not the Mail Man!

    Funny, purple and green. What a color combination. Brown might not be flashy, but heck at least were all one color.
  5. FedExer267

    FedExer267 Member

    I would have to agree we look like giant lollipops.
  6. bbsam

    bbsam Moderator Staff Member

    Maybe the UPS guy breings a bigger package. It could be just you, no?
  7. FedExer267

    FedExer267 Member

    Who knows but atleast my package hangs. Which maybe why you are behind the scenes. :)
  8. MrFedEx

    MrFedEx Engorged Member

    He likes to hide packages. You know, kind of like hiding the salami.
  9. FedExer267

    FedExer267 Member

    HAHAHA playing hide the Salami in Smiths office. maybe thats what the bb stands for (use your imagination).
  10. Mr. 7

    Mr. 7 The monkey on the left.

    If someone told me that, I'd go to my truck and scan every package as "customer refused" and RTS all of them.
  11. hubrat

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    It's not the uniform. I bet he truly enjoys his job, and the pay helps make up for what he doesn't enjoy.
  12. mungrin

    mungrin Banned

    Maybe the UPS guy is better and younger looking than you?
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    I don't know many drivers who truly enjoy their jobs.
  14. Brown287

    Brown287 Im not the Mail Man!

    Well you don't know me and I love my job. With almost 500,000 employee's it's completely possible that you don't know very many drivers at all. The majority of drivers that I know do in fact enjoy their job's.
  15. MrFedEx

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    When the UPS driver arrives at the customer location he/she arrives in a truck that is clean, isn't full of dents and damage, and appears totally professional. He/she knows their job, and executes their function accordingly. No tattoos, nose rings, or a truck that looks like it belongs in Somalia. There is a distinct difference between a professional and a "wannabee". The customer definitely recognizes the difference.

    Oh, and the UPS driver speaks English....fluently.
  16. Jack_Burton

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    Customers love guessing which vehicle the FedEx guy is going to show up in. Is it a cracked frame 700? A rusted out Sprinter that gets washed once a week? An unmarked Penske, Ryder, Budget, or Enterprise rental vehicle? Maybe a 24' straight truck to deliver an overnight envelope because that's all station had left? How about an F-150 with a pull out bed? Or maybe it will be one of the top of the line Panel Vans that are now the normal mode of transport. And all of that's just for the Express guys! Customers love telling the FedEx guys you're the 3rd or 4th FedEx guy today! Now that's efficiency and customer service!
  17. MrFedEx

    MrFedEx Engorged Member

    Exactly. The customer,who is understandably confused,just sees "FedEx". They don't really make a distinction.
  18. FedExer267

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    Unfortunatley for us they will never run this place like UPS because that will bring a Union in a heartbeat. So our customers stay confused and they come down on us for customer service, we arent the ones confusing the public.
  19. LTFedExer

    LTFedExer New Member

    I wouldn't want to be doing anything else either.
    True and true.
  20. whenIgetthere

    whenIgetthere Well-Known Member

    New poster here, been lurking for a long time and decided to chime in. As a Express swing, let me tell you about the stop I had last week on the route I was covering. I had 5 docs and 20 boxes (the boxes all being computer servers about 80 lbs each). I went to the receiving dock and they told me they only took the docs, any boxes had to be delivered to the reception desk out front, on the second floor with no elevator. Called my manager and for once he told me to scan refused at receiving.