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    I have been with ups only 2 years and plan on ending with this company, come hell or high water. I currently work the preload while going to school and serving my country in the air guard. Recently (late 2004) we implemented the divine work of god we call PAS which has caused some issues with that legally binding document the national I am only a preloader however I am well aware that the expectations of IE of PAS are unrealistic (we don't give perfect loads to drivers ever...sort time is not eliminated thus drivers are dispatched over 9-5)...but that's besides the point. I am here because of their latest little kick that gets them off, to rape some part-timers of a dollar an hour. Before pass, preloaders and sorters had to memorize the routes for their trucks and sorters, which belt got which break, "skilled and unskilled" being the classification...PAS took that out. The thing about that is 22.5(b) part-time wages, outline specifically a two tiered pay scale. Preloaders and sorters get 1$/h more for doing that job, it is a higher rate classification. My dilemma is that I have been assigned to SPA (the people that put the PAL labels on the packages after the unloaders put the parcels on the belt). This is not a preloader/sorter classification and wasn't an issue because I've been doing it for about 9months with no one trying to ! with my dolla$...Monday my preload sup (who I have a good relationship with) said the labor relations guy (devil's advocate) came through and is now attempting to change it (I know this was not my sup's idea...he doesn't want to stir things up just before peak with the people that control his rate). Anyway I am confident that I will win this grievance because of Article 12 section 3 in the central region supplement which states "When a full-time or part-time employee is assigned to a lower rated job, he/she shall be compensated at his/her regular rate of pay..." I was a sorter and a preloader before they moved me to spa. I never exercised any seniority right to get the job...I was just assigned and wasn't going to complain about it because well it's a cake job...anyway just wondering if anyone had anything similar to this happening or any input on the subject. This has been an issue since PAS was first implemented: first they weren't going to take it away from everyone because now "a monkey" could do the job no need for any memorization, then any new hires weren't privy to it, both sides were eventually both lost by the this...I mean you pay me in peanuts as it is, now you're trying to take away a grand a year, and they should have known that at least I was going to fight it and why...if I didn't want to drive I wouldn't be here still...what a great company trying to take any inch that you are willing to give them (sorry for rambling on lolz:tongue_sm)

    (The main reason why I am here is because my steward is an idiot[which is why I memorized the contract for myself] and 2 that both relations and I have talked to my biz agent who said it was contractually correct which is why they are proceeding...I concede that SPA is not sorter/preloader [despite having to take a test to qualify] but they put me there to meet their own agenda, namely that I scan faster than everyone else, [but not until I get back my 1$/h], anyway, once we have the grievance hearing I'll feel vindicated and hope that they will quit !'n around with things...but that's just wishful thinking)
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  2. They are not allowed to do that. You were moved and you did not request it. They should pay you your rate. I hear you on IE/PAS supes, I am also a preloader (though I sometimes work the slide or sort isle) and sometimes become annoyed with them (I let them know too haha). No one is going to load perfect, the volume simply does not allow for it. They said they fixed my truck (only our 2nd day on PAS though so I'm being patient) and today it was out to the back door again...I was like you show me how to snake that load bigshot, I'll watch you demonstrate. It looked like peak to be honest...only its not, my other trucks? horribly underdispatched....please tell me it gets better? haha :thumbup1:

    However, SPAs (and I believe new preloaders too now that we're on PAS) are paid $8.50 an hour to start. We just went fully PAS this week (our hub has 3 centers). To be honest if it weren't for the health one would work here, not for that starting wage, you can get that anywhere (well in MA, dunno about other states). The union steward has been trying to get that looked into/changed I believe (because technically I guess they can't offically lower the rate no matter what til the next contract anyway), I'm not sure if he's got anywhere with it. :wink:
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    Unless you willingly took a typing test (it is required of ALL spa and key entry employee) they cannot move you, and you can grieve the loss of pay, and you will win. They tried that here a while ago, and everyone who filed, after they bid on the job, stayed at their same pay. The big thing in 08 I feel will be better contract language regarding the difference in PAS employees such as SPA and Data Capture, and seperating their pay from the other Preloaders/Sorters in the building.
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    I figured I have a good case, in about 6 hours i'll check upsers to see the paycheck discrepancy and file for a shortage over 15$. I will ask for it to be fixed within 2 days (monday) and will get paid 1.75 hours for every week they are late as penality per contractual language.

    As for doesn't really get that much better. If you are just starting it gets much worse before it'll show any resemblance of getting better. In our building they outsourced the SPA positions through a temp agency. These people had to qualify and eventually joined the union...but kept their job as SPA which is wrong. They should have gone into the unload just like everyone else and done their time, while the SPA positions were posted as preferred intent sheets (it is a permanent vacancy and should be filled by the most senior eligible employee)...but anyway I started in the unload, busted it out then did every other job in the building b4 they decided to put me at SPA (which is technically wrong too but I'm not complaining :)).
    Things to look forward to 1. misloads...they hit twice as hard now and upper management is grilled on them thus the **** rolls down hill...they can also come for a variety of things...people see 203 and put the package in 323(idiot preloaders) or as we had in our hub (small only 35-40 routes and 22-25 teamsters on the preload shift including preload/sort/unload/spa/pickoff/incomps ect...) lots of "out of syncs" where the SPA person put the wrong label on the package (we had something like 20 out of sync airs one day from some new scanner lolz)...anyway the other thing is that it'll seem like peak all year round and some buildings have driver helpers that help all year to save a buck
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    All local unions should argue that Spa and DCap positions are skilled rates of pay. The union should further argue that all clerical jobs are skilled rates of pay. Dealing with computers along with it's required typing skills involve "skill". Anything else is selling out the part-time employees.
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    This issue has been resolved. As for those using the term "skilled"...well our pay is dependent on rates, outlined in the national master. The term skilled is never mentioned in the national master, rather a two tier'd payscale for sorters/preloaders/high volume direct and all others. SPA and DA qualify under all my case I was a sorter, but was forced to move to SPA due to the fact that no one else could hit rate in the job. My arguement was that since I was forced(assigned to the job), I should be paid at my regular rate (sorter), instead of the lower rate, which was the result and thus I was satisfied. Thanks for everyone's input/ears and keep fighting the good fight.
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    Sheesh! The more I read everyone's posts about PAS the more I dread getting PAS and EDD here. I'm not a preloader so I won't have to worry about the headaches involved there but I am a cover driver so I guess I'll just be dealing with the mess you guys have described for the drivers. I have heard all the same stories from people I know in hubs that have PAS/EDD so it sounds like it is a dissaster everywhere. On the other hand....I've heard that if someone has EDD and goes out on a route they have little or no experience on they would have a much easier time than if they went out with without EDD. I'm guessing that they'd still have to use a map but at least EDD would tell them how to run the route. That is the theory anyway. Any of you that actually have experience with EDD can fill me in.
  8. Our center has been on PAS/EDD for 3 three years now and yes it still sucks. Wait until you have a day where the system goes down they have no way to load. You are right it does help quite a bit if you run a rte blind. Although we have drivers who only know the PASS/EDD way and are completely clueless without it.
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    Well as a driver I can tell u that pas/edd is a good ideal, however the way the company implements it is horrible. After they are finished with your center, you`ll be left with cleaning up the mess. Depending on your management team (knucklehead rejects/somewhat itellegent) this wil determine your success, along with your preload/sorters. With driver input the rtes can be done by someone new, however this means driver and management working together to map out the rte in edd. Again good system if everyone is working together, good luck.