cut hours for inside helpers?

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    i dont know if this is going on at any other hub/center here in SOFL but at my center we have a good amount of preloaders who are also going out jumping in the afternoon. and since we've been starting at 2am to 3:45...most if not all of us have been getting close to 8 hours a day for the past two weeks. so it seems management is starting to cut us "inside helpers" off since we're working too many hours (in my case it was close to 16 hour days). and replacing us with ones that were hired off the street but havent been called for work yet.

    honestly i can see the reasoning but i swear these have been some of the biggest checks ive seen since i started working for this company.

    i was just wondering if anybody else has heard of this at any other hubs/centers in FL or the country for that matter.

    and on another note....just curious...whats some of the earliest start times out there for other preloads? assuming its in a larger facility....
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    Here where I'm at, insiders are limited to 12 hours of work for the day. So if they start at 4 in the morning, they are only allowed to work until 4 in the afternoon.
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    You have seniority over helpers. If they don't fix it, grieve.
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    we have around 89 people on our preload and they have been bring half in at 2am with a start time around 330am. most of us that come in early have been cleaning out cages.
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    In the Central States, the contract states that part-time employees working as a helper may not be scheduled in excess of eight hours for their combined shifts. Thus, if a part-timer works eight hours on the preload, the company can deny him the opportunity to work as a helper.

    In my center, management has a variable number of maximum hours for part-timers (changes daily). It never exceeds 12. In the past I was told that all employees (part-time or full-time) who work over 12 are flagged on a report that management has to respond to... the 12 rule is relaxed somewhat on days of extremely high volume, so I suspect that reports aren't generated then (the concern may be just to get the work done).
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    Not necessarily.
    -- many larger facilities have unload docks that sit idle most of the year.
    -- some small & medium-sized facilities are situated in heavy commercial/manufacturing areas that may see little to no volume growth during peak

    I use to work in a medium-sized facility that serviced a very large, affluent residential area. During the year I'd average 22 hours per week, but during peak volume would explode and we'd start as early as 11:30PM, yielding as many as 50 hours per week (with a single, daily 10-minute break mind you). When I moved (education transfer), I changed to an overbuilt facility which had oodles of idle unload docks & several idle belts. I still averaged 22-hours per week during the year, and the volume still exploded during peak, but the start time barely budged & there was a no-OT policy.