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    I am not sure if this just an issue on my boxline but some of our labels have part of the truck number cut off. So if your truck is 36B the label might show 6B and if the preloader does not look for the cage he/ she will put it on the truck. This problem showed up when they changed from the larger labels to smaller labels.

    I asked my supervisor if they could fix the alignment of the labels in the printer so that the customer name, address and truck number are clear to read. With half of the info missing I have noticed an increase in misloads. A box for one of my trucks ended up on another truck; 47B ended up on 7B (these are not the actual trucks involved; the names have been changed to protect the innocent!)

    I am making a huge assumption that the half printed labels are part of the problem. I have no proof since we (preloaders) never see the boxes that they say we misloaded. I always look for my cage on the labels so if part of the info is missing I can still load it and if I have time I send the package back to be re-spa’d but I can’t do that on hundreds of boxes a day. It seems a simple re-alignment of the labels would fix the problem. Does anyone else have this problem?
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    We dont have PAS yet so I cant really say what the problem is but I bet you are right to some extent.We still go by postal code and if its wrong,my preloader puts it in my truck regardless of the address.At ups most people are so overworked they dont have time to care about
    one silly little package.
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    Hi aspenleaf - yes, it's those smaller labels and they can be a bear to align. Being smaller, they tend to slide out and away from the back stop which cuts off the front part of your label.

    It happens in our center and the if preloaders complain enough a sup will go out and get it fixed. Keep complaining 'cause any misloads will just come back to haunt you. Oh, if your pt doedn't want to be bothered with it save and show them to the ft driver sup. He/she will certainly care. dw
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    I don't have that problem at all. The only thing I have a problem with is the labels getting torn off because everyone on the charge, jams the cages full, and when you pull out the packages any which way you can, they fall off. Btw, what boxline are you on?
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    schor662 - are you in my hub? I am in the Commerce City hub. I also have the problem of the labels peeling off the packages. I also get a lot of out of state packages or packages for other box lines.

    I know those little labels must be hard to align and I wish they would go back to the larger ones.

    I have complained a lot about the labels and the sups just laugh at me. I even saved one for a sup to show "someone" and I never saw that package again.
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    Here, the loaders are trained to load by the bay numbers, on the other end of the label. Not the truck numbers, because they can change whatever trucks you are loading.
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    Well our trucks change position all the time also but the routes we load do not (well sometimes they change that on us but not daily). It just gets bad when the route falls off the label.
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    I work at Commerce Center on the 330-830 am shift.
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