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    I have been trying to find a way to reduce my $135/month cable/internet bill and finally took the plunge and bought an OTA HD indoor antenna for my bedroom TV. It was an open box item at Best Buy. The label said that all of the parts were in the box but when I got it home I noticed that the base stands were missing. One quick call to the toll free number and the base stands are on their way. After removing the cable box, I installed the antenna, ran an auto channel search and was able to pick up 10 digital channels, 6 of which are in HD. I get all of my local channels in HD. The picture quality is very close to what I was getting w/cable.

    When I brought my cable box, power cord and remote back to Charter, they asked me why I decided to discontinue service for that TV. I told them that it was too expensive and jokingly asked if they could find any ways to reduce my bill. A few keystrokes later they "found" $40 worth of savings per month (for one year). While it is still too high, I can live with $95/month, for now. This will give me time to decide if I want to ditch the cable box for my main TV.

    I have tried streaming services but find that they lack the content that I prefer.

    Have any of you either cut the cord completely or supplemented your cable with online streaming or other "alternative" services? (Brown Cafe does not count)
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    Yes. Free everything. Live sports, PPV, Netflix foreign, countries TV programing. Youtube how to set it up.
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    Local channels?
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    Regional and national broadcast TV. It's like the google for broadcast entertainment. All that is need is internet.
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    I have kind of been testing it out the last two months or so. I still have cable, but I've been trying to see how I can get around using it. I have Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Prime Instant video. I then use the apps on my Apple TV to watch live tv networks. Most of them actually come free, you just have to deal with the occasional 15 second ad.

    The hardest part is going without the sports. I love watching baseball, hockey, and football. I'm in the boonies so getting channels OTA is almost impossible. For hockey I'm going to get the NHL package. The rest I'm going to have to figure something else out for. I've considered just having the locals and internet through cable so I can get football, and that would drastically cut my bill. I'm not home enough to watch TV anyways, so I don't want to pay up the rear for it.
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    C band sat dish and dreambox800+ hd . You google hard enough. You will find out c band is wide open again.
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    My cable bill is out of control and I don't even have movie channels. Can only afford to hook up 6 of the 9 tvs. As long as I can still affird it what the hell.
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    Tell everyone how big your dish is.
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    The bigger the dish, the older the trailer.
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    Those things are massive. OK if you have 10 acres, in a small subdivision, kind of ugly for sure.
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    This is what I bought: