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    I know a UPS manager who, about two years ago, when one of his employees left his work area to go to the bathroom without telling a supervisor, this manager followed him into the bathroom and yelled at him while he was sitting on the toilet, thankfully not coming into the stall.

    This manager is the 40-something year old son of a man who is a retired big-shot at the company and that is the excuse given by alot of his friends for the way he treats people.

    It was for this reason that this 'daddy's boy' manager was not disciplined. Many times, when daddy's boy has tried to get employees that he didn't like fired, either by lying or blaming them for things that was not their fault, daddy's boy's boss would just go along with it.

    Of course, the union stepped in and so the employee didn't get fired, but daddy's boy has his boss sucking up to him!!!

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    A few really wet and smelly farts would have probably fixed his wagon.
  3. I would have asked him if he wanted to hold hands under the stall
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    When mother nature calls mother nature calls. This manager should read the company corporate poicy and UNION contract. All employees are to treat each other with respect and dignity. Yelling is not included in this policy or contract!
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    I think a call to the Ethics Hotline would fix this. UPS does not even want the appearance of a managers mistakes being fixed by his daddy. It would probably get him transferred far away from ol' daddy.
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    The Labor Board and Health Dept would probably have something to say about this as well.
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    Was the boss tapping his toe under the stall?:winks:
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    I know this guy, was my center manager for 3 years before he was moved.
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    A little off-thread: We have an IE gal doing time studies in my Hub. She told a driver her uncle is the CEO.
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    "Was the boss tapping his toe under the stall?"

    Not tapping, but the shoes had a mirror shine...
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    LOL. No, there was no gay stuff going on. He had the good sense not to come into the stall. Otherwise, I would have gotten fired for violence. :angry:
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    No name's just intials...

    {Maybe this was a joke that I didn't get but it looked like a name to me... so I removed it. - Cheryl}
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    I think if that were me I would take him a private area and explain to him that that is not the right forum for that type of issue and that you would be glad to talk about it at another time. I, as an Officer have actually pulled aside senior officers and explained some issues that may have been handled in a different way. I always start with "All do respect to rank Sir" and I have never been called on it.
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    I would imagine the managers yelling could slow down a good BM...:laughing2:
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    Perhaps he felt he had to yell to be heard above the grunting..
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    Once had two of my sups that were doing driver follow ups knock on my buddies house that I was having lunch at. I was on my lunch break, coded out, and stopped by my friends house. Actually the house he grew up in, so it was his parents house, but saw his car and stopped by for lunch. He also works for UPS, but in Sales. I'm sitting at the table eating, and his mom answers the door. In walks both of my sups. They said "You enjoying yourself? Looks like you're having a great meal", so I said "Yup, eating my lunch. You guys wanna wait outside for the next 40 minutes until I'm finished to have this meeting, or would you like a bite?", but I said it in a joking manner. They weren't being D's, just seeing what I was doing. I was on area, and on lunch. Where I choose to eat my lunch is for me to decide. They just wanted to know why my truck was parked there for more than 30 seconds. Out of the two, one sup was fired for stealing, the other is a big time District Manager or even higher now. Not sure, but they were both great on-road sups and loved breaking balls. They always asked me after that whose house I was eating at that day. haha.