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    I am seeing way more damaged packages than usual, which isn't surprising given our understaffed ramps and dysfunctional operations. It always amazes me that FedEx will always fire a box thrower that gets caught on a video that goes viral, but much worse happens every day at each and every FedEx location, usually in plain sight of management.

    I have a video showing a handler throwing a huge package on a pile of an overloaded slide that rolls down the pile and strikes another handler full force. In the background is a sort supervisor watching the whole thing. Standard Operating Procedure.

    And, no, I won't release the video because the individuals still work here. Actually, what's going to really kill them this year is Christmas perishables.

    Like van said, karma is coming round to bite them in the ass.
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    When I first started, many moons ago, one of the first things I was told was never to throw a package. Before it went away, I used to use jumpseat whenever I could. I remember watching some of the sorts. Packages going down slides that were two stories, crashing onto a belt below or into other packages and handlers being pushed so hard the only option they had was to chuck packages into the cans. Quite the double standard.

    Oh, and everyone do yourselves a favour. If you get a package that looks like it just got back from Afghanistan, always do a loc stat 37 on it before you van it. I know, it's a pain in the ass but I've seen guys have to explain why the package they delivered was beat to hell. Don't assume someone before you did it.
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    For your own good, just get another job.
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    Most, if not all, of the packages I get damaged are due to being improperly packed and/or taped.
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    I tend to agree. I am not saying FedEx does a good job with sorting or loading, but the damaged packages I see are definitely poorly packed. I was a shipping manager for a car dealership's website, usually shipping 70-100 packages a day, and I never had ONE issue with a damaged package, either through FedEx or USPS (surprisingly), aside from one bottle of car wash shampoo opening right after I started, which I fixed by keeping them in sealed bags. If you pack it correctly, those boxes can take a LOT of punishment with no negative consequences for the cargo inside.

    It could also be that I didn't use "Fragile" stickers either. I have heard that those translate to all package handlers as "Destroy".
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    Bad handling this time of year is hot and heavy because of unreasonable demands put on by upper management. More than often, there's not a lot of time involved to get the trucks out at night or unloaded in the morning. Granted there is lots of bad packaging going on from shippers but with the lack of time couriers are given, they just have to accept the packages as is or sales gets involved and demands you go back and pickup up that package that was poorly prepared.

    OPS Managers also have a double standard when it comes to throwing packages. The usual suckasses get away with it including a girl at our station who's on the safety committee and doubles as the queen of package throwing.

    A big thanks to the managers for turning a blind-eye to any of the above situations.
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    I deliver Amazon packages with no more than a single strip of paper tape and a bit of loose bubble pack to protect, for example, an 8 piece glass set that was dust by the time I took it to the customer's door to explain why she would not have the drinking set she was planning on for Thanksgiving.

    They could make a few bucks by offering the Prime Plus Club for an additional $29.99 a year that includes proper packaging on orders or as a purchase option with 1-click simplicity.
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    Ouch... It also probably has a lot to do with the boxes used. I was blessed with a range of Uline box sizes, and pretty good tape, and a LOT of packing paper from the daily parts order that would be thrown out otherwise, so I was able to be very careful. Shipping quite a few bicycles even, zero issues.

    My Roku that Amazon delivered a couple days ago had the same one piece of tape, and ONE air filled plastic bag, in a box far too large for suck a small piece. Glad it made it in one piece...
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    You complain about the abuse of packages, unsafe working conditions, and the management that allows it to happen but you won't do anything about it when given the opportunity.
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