Darn UPS lied : (

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    I am unhappy because UPS is such a manipulator/liar. To make it clear, Im not gonna quit yet, even thought they lied about the working environment. {deleted by moderator} when they said, "occasionally 70lbs +." I handled {deleted by moderator} 20 and more of 70lbs pkgs today. Most of them are bulkies and odd, and they are like 86, 93, 103 lbs, shet. Screw that when they said, "seek help with 70lbs+." My {deleted by moderator} manager made me carry all these {deleted by moderator} with only 3 pkgs out of 20 plus some did i get help, the rest he made me carry it by myself. My back is startin 2 soar/aches. There are so many other little things I can say about this. BUt GOsh DArn it, Now I understand all the uproars that many have toward UPS are all about. Should have heed the warnings :( : ( MAN, all IM saying is that UPS gotta learn to treat their employees better. THey gonna {deleted by moderator} lose this good employee soon if they dont change their operation pratices. By the way, GUys chiropractor???they cover that for u right??? : (
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    As many have stated here to new employees,UPS is NOT for everyone.Always ask for help with any pkg over 70 lbs,or any irreg
    that you feel is too awkward to handle alone safely.If you expect UPS to change the way they do things, accept the fact now that you are WRONG,and either learn how to not let it bother you so much,or get a job somewhere else.Another thing they dont like is employees with back problems.Especially new ones.You`ve got to remember that UPS moves packages.Some are awkward and heavy.Can your body handle this for 10-20-30- years?Only you know your capabilities,dont feel bad if ups aint for you.
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    ooohhh boooo hooo

    Your're not doing anything harder than the next person humping pkgs. Work smart not hard, ask some of the seasoned loaders how they handle mult heavy pkgs, its all technique not pure physical strength. Suck it up...remember the drivers have to deal with it too!!!!
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    Hey Sky,

    Perhaps you should get a job at Burger King lifting burgers. I haven't run across any 70 lbers there yet. I'd stay away from Carl's JR though, cause the way they're going they might just make one heavy duty burger soon.:lol:

    As far as everything being f...ing this and sh...ting that, perhaps anger management is in the cards for you...

    Just a thought..:wink:
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    OK Tony,

    That did it!! Now how am I gonna get a 70lb. hamburger out of my mind....all dripping and juicy and cheese meltin' all over it. Damn !!!
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    Yep, UPS is in the business of moving packages. That is what we do. Its a boring job for the most part, but customers need their stuff! I have had two hernia surgeries because of this in the late '80s, and have a small hernia now I am keeping an eye on. I can remember walking a picket line one day after one of our contracts was settled. UPS promised during negotiations that they wouldn't raise the weight limit from 70 to 100 pounds. They kept their word, it went to 150 pounds "to be competitive!" UPS had already mailed out the rate and zone charts to reflect this new service, I noticed these were printed before that particular contract was settled.

    You have the right to ask for help with an over-seventy. Don't hurt yourself, its not worth it to lose a couple of months pay. Take care of yourself, if you have a strange feeling after trying to pick up some "you put it together furniture" or such, be sure to file an Injury Report that day.:thumbup1:
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    There are so many things wrong with the post I wouldnt know where to start.
    Not that any of them are untrue, just havent actually seen it put in quite the way he/she did.
    And just the other day they were so happy to be hired.......................
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    Don't forget the bacon!!!
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    Let me tell you something about UPS that should prove extremely valuable in helping you out. Everytime UPS opens it's mouth they {deleted by poster} and it's important to remember the {deleted by poster} I'm sure you know firsthand that {deleted by poster} because they always {deleted by poster} so always keep that in mind. Lastly I would also suggest that you {deleted by poster} every chance you get when dealing with {deleted by poster}

    I've no doubt you will find the above extremely valuable and helpful in many situations dealing with UPS! Especially the ones requiring you to go in a continuous useless circle! Best of luck to you when do use it! You'll need it no doubt!

    Sorry Cheryl, I just couldn't help myself with a little fun.
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    :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    They don't even treat us like people, much less employees. Get used to it if you're going to work here.
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    UPS is hauling freight .The new ones coming in will have A tough time getting 30yrs in. Calling for help for over 70lbs is a joke. If you call every time you need help with over 70lb they will frown on that. So ask your self do I get help or risk A injury ?Once your back gets hurt it can haunt you the rest of your life. You will get no proper medical care for a back injury from the company quack.
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    Hard to read your post. Hopefully you didn't work the operation and think UPS could somehow control the number of over 70's the customer decides to ship through your trailer or package car each day. When you have over 70's don't be afraid to ask for help. If you do then that 83 pound over 70 you listed now becomes a 40 pounder for you.

    Ever hand mix any concrete around the house? Each bag is 80 pounds (unless you buy the small ones.) make sure you slap some yellow tape on those concrete bags, wear your wieght belt and get the neighbor to help you carry each bag into the back yard.

    Ever lift weights in the gym or in school? Did you get someone to help you before you hoisted a bar that weighed more than 70 pounds? Other then a spotter probably not.

    Point is the safety rules we apply at work are normally much more than we would personally every apply at home. Follow them and lift with your legs and you should be fine. At that point it comes down to busting your but to make service on the packages. You won't get much sympathy here on that issue.
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    As I see it, out of the 30,000+ packages a day that our building handles, the 100 or so irregs and over 70's, IS technically OCCASIONAL! .003% is occasional right? Work smarter, not harder, roll, pivot, use leverage, and always, ALWAYS ask for help. Asking for help should NEVER be frowned upon...and even if it is, there's nothing anyone can do about it, know YOUR limits, that's all that matters.

    mmmmm over 70lbs. burger....I think I'll cook one on the grill tonight for 4th of July celebration!
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    Well maybe ur right I shouldnt complaint about it, I wouldnt have been so mad if the hr/sup that went over the training disclose all these facts beforehand. And also I hope is not common to assign employee particular loading charts to study, and then the next day drop that assignment and assign a new loading job. Well All Say and done IL give this company several months and then go somewhere else.
  16. dannyboy

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    When you are new on the job, you work where and when needed. And usually at jobs that the more senior people dont want. That is part of getting started with UPS.
    I would hope that when you move on, you might put forward some better language skills than you have shown here. And using dock language on an internet forum is not proper either.

    Also, contrary to what most people think, a job at UPS is not for everybody. For the most part, you have to enjoy the job to be able to do it year in and out. If it is just for the money, you will be miserable.

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    Lift with your legs, back straight, pivot don't twist. Your HR guy should have given you O/70 training as part of your orientation.

    Smile don't curse.:)
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    Sky:give UPS and us a favor, forget about giving us several months and move on now. It will save that preload supervisor a tremendous amount of stress if you just leave now. THANKS.
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    I am sorry that you feel this way. The work is very demanding and I can't believe your HR person did not tell you this. Mine really stressed how hard the job was and that we really needed to think about taking it since it would involve a lot of lifting. I never have trouble getting help for really heavy packages. You should be able to roll, or push most packages and use the back of the truck for leverage. You might want to reconsider this job since peak is even more demanding. No one will hold your hand but support should be there if you need. As time goes on the packages are easier to handle since you should be getting stronger. I know when I started the 50 pounders where a little tough but now they feel like 10 pounds. They change our trucks (lineup) all the time on us so you have to learn new loads. I am lucky in that I am in a hub with PAS (so no load charts). Good luck in whatever you do. There are lots of changes here and most of us just roll with them. Some things seem stupid to us but as a preloader we do not see the whole picture. Give them the benefit of the doubt. If you are having trouble with packages over 70 pounds get help. You did agree that you could lift/ move up to 70 on your own when you took the job so do the best you can with those packages.

    Good luck, it does get better but you have to change your attitude. If you already hate UPS then it will only get worse for you.