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    I work for a fortune 500 company.
    My boss has been slowly outsourcing my job while spending millions on lobbying to make it harder for me and my peasant coworkers to form a union.
    I hear in a couple months my pay will be cut 25%, I guess I understand why my boss needs to make his poverty stricken shareholders several billion more per year by doing this while making up a fairy tale to employees as to why.
    Can you help tell me and thousands of my coworkers that we are really the greedy ungrateful wealthy bastards that deserve poverty.

    Formerly PSP
  2. hypo hanna

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    Dear Formerly PSP,

    Greed and ethics can not exist within the same management team. It is clear that the latter has been replaced by the former at your company. Your hard work and sacrifice were for nothing. Consider looking elsewhere for employment and to save your sanity in the mean time, cut back your above and beyond efforts on behalf of the company.

  3. Cactus

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    Not any longer. It's been a misfourtune 500 company for quite some time now.