Dear Union&UPS


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To whom it may concern:

Issues within this contract are extensive and are always ignored. How do you expect us to trust you when you cant answer the hard questions and instead spin this turd into a shiney turd?

1. 22.4 is guaranteed work however FT Drivers(why use rcpd? Because 22.4 will be a ft driver job) are not guaranteed how is this conducive to a FT non 22.4 job being marketed as a premium job?
B. Remove the line "If work is available"
2. PT should be entitled to the same protections with technology. This is vital to not just us drivers but the company as well. Drivers rely on having the same loader each day because at least the driver can have something consistent like knowing where that 2645 might be in 6254 area. This example is clearly speaking at the lowest talent level but even still its important. Furthermore displacing a loader for a new one will cause not just misloads but the driver having not a clue where that 2545 is located. In this saves the company money even if they don't see it on their excel me its there.
B. Remove the strikethrough from employee and allow equal protections for all.
3. We are seeing tue begining or a removal of a progression pay system altogether with preload. Where a four year progression was the standard now they shifting to annaul raises. Thats what i want to make the same amount as the new guy who doesn't know what an air is. Also 13 an hour is just another $80 per week wow i bet that'll bring the talent in at 2 a.m.
B. Make a 3 year progression as it used to be and continue to give raises to top rate loaders start at 15 per hour and top at 18/hr skilled pay needs to remain. A plumber/Electricians have a a 4/5 year progression but this involves a transferable skill.

4. You want 22.4s then they need 9.5 protections, they need guaranteed inside work time of no less than 10.5 hours per week. They are not to remove any work from any FT Driver unless agreed by the driver. 22.4s will be used to drive on weekends and during the weekdays will be used only to remove work from drivers on the 9.5 list if no other FT Driver is available or willing. No cheaper labor should be taking work until the work is offered top down and then forced. Some of us still want our OT.

5. The driver progression wages are nice and for that thanks but we as a membership should be looking at this as a whole and union in unity. And stand for whats right for us, our families and our union memebrs.

You all say we only had 3 concessions but this contract is littered with them.

Side note>:(Tony Q if you say we should vote this down and you really are a turncoat that wants us to fight then give us the truth of what is going by going to a major media outlet and blow this up and risk career suicide otherwise stay on your side of fence on this because you are nothing but a tool like the rest of them trying to spin this like Bill O'REILLY.