Delivery drones face technical hurdles on path to doorstep

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    Delivery drones face technical hurdles on path to doorstep - The Australian

    COMPANIES hoping to use drones to deliver small packages are confronting technical hurdles such as battery life and weather that are at least as vexing as proposed US regulatory limits.

    Retail and shipping companies including, Alibaba Group, and Deutsche Post have been among the most enthusiastic supporters, seeing drones as potentially transforming their businesses.

    But hurdles including short battery life and unreliable location data suggest it could be years before armies of drones replace FedEx and UPS vans. Companies also face obstacles such as bad weather, aggressive birds and gun-toting neighbours.
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    There's nobody posting on the BC now who will ever see the day packages are delivered by a drone on a regular basis. This isn't George Jetson times. I would say the chances are better that you will be able to order something and after paying for it be able to make an exact copy of it with your super futuristic 3D printer. When that day comes say goodbye to UPS & FedEx.
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    An Arizona-based university is offering wannabe drone pilots the opportunity to learn how to fly an unmanned aerial vehicle in less than three weeks using a flight simulator from home

    The $3,500-per-person program consists of three parts with part one and two conducted in the student’s home with the use of a flight simulator, according to an April 7 statement.
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    For once, I agree with you. People aren't going to accept the invasion of privacy or enjoy seeing a sky filled with drones. I'm not a violent person, but if Amazon's vision came true, I'd really enjoy shooting one down. They're just wrong, for so many reasons.