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    I ordered some stuff off that was delayed in Montgomery due to the recent snow, I assume. Since I was going out of town the next day, I called amazon and had them change it from a delivery to a pickup from my area's UPS delivery center. I got there, and apparently amazon screwed the pooch and had the delivery changed after the package had been loaded. (Ironically, if I had left everything alone, I would have the package now.) Anyways, since I am now on the other side of the country, I called amazon and had them change the delivery address of my package, but when I check it says my package is still sitting in the delivery center. Is this correct, or was my package given a new tracking number that no one informed me about? The tracking number for the package is 1ZW219Y00307055020
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    You don't get a new tracking number, just call shipper and tell them you want
    to do a intercept, give them new address and we will deliver it there.
    P.S. there is a charge for it I think it's $10.00
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    Just noticed, it says on the ups tracking page on the left side it says To: Seattle, WA but still shows the package has been sitting in florida since the 13th, even though I requested an intercept on the 13th, it apparently hasn't moved since then.
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    Looking at this for whatever reason it was again held for pickup after a new delivery address was requested. So it looks like it's not moving until that is removed.
    Not sure what you need to do now, but I'm going to assume you'll need to contact Amazon again to get the hold removed, since I believe if it's not picked up before the hold expires it'll be returned to shipper. I could be wrong about that though.